New Here?

So what is The Moving Mom all about?

We’re glad you asked! Let’s face it – It’s hard being the new person.

When you relocate for any number of reasons, sometimes people just don’t get it. They look at you like you’re crazy when you say you’re new to the area, or if you say you’ve lived in three houses in the last five years. Or maybe they like to tell you how they have lived in the same city for all their life and how they could never do what you are doing. It can start to feel like no one else out there understands your life (sometimes even your own family.)

If any of that feels familiar, YOU are why we decided to create The Moving Mom. As two moms who move with our husbands’ jobs, we wanted to create a place for families to connect with each other, share helpful information and relate to each other in the good times and in the hard times of moving all over the country or world. No matter why you move or what line of work your family is involved in, we all share a unique life experience and we want a way to create community among us all.

Our values:

This site is meant to create a positive community for families that move on a regular basis. We never want it to become a place that speaks badly of any person, company or organization. While moving isn’t always easy, we seek to highlight the positive and work towards sharing information that makes all of our lives better.

We are not sponsored or focused on any one organization or company. There are many jobs and companies that move their workforce around on a regular basis and we created the site so that we could connect across company lines. There are so many of us moving families out there in the world and we want to create a place for all of them.

We are not, and don’t claim to be experts in the topic of moving with families. While all three of us do move regularly with our families for different companies, we know there are many people out there who have done this for much longer than we have. We hope to feature many of you out there and learn from your experiences.

If you have an idea for topics you would like to see featured on the site, or are interested in sharing your experiences with us, please email us at We can’t wait to hear from you!