Some big news and an even BIGGER opportunity

For almost 2 years, we have poured ourselves into building a community of mamas who move their families as their jobs require. In those two years, we’ve learned so much. We had no idea how to build a great website and we stumbled our way until we came up with The Moving Mom as you see it today. We’ve had the amazing opportunity to speak with experts in the field of family studies, moving logistics and travel. And we’ve had the honor of connecting with so many moms, just like us, who bounce around from state to state or country to country and just hope to make life somewhat normal for their kiddos. And because of the way you all have welcomed, encouraged and supported us, we want to come to you today to let you know about some big changes we have going on personally and a BIG opportunity we have for you.

I (Emily Robertson) am so excited to say that my family has decided to finally stay put. And I’ll be honest, I’m the most surprised as to how it all came about. When we moved to our town in Kentucky a little more than two years ago, we immediately began to really love where we landed. We enjoyed the town itself, but also met some amazing friends. We still always knew in the back of our minds that we would eventually have to leave, but that didn’t stop us from really connecting with the community. We’ve lived in some GREAT cities, but nowhere else in our moves had we felt like we were “home” quite like our current town. So, when a move was on the horizon, we decided to explore the opportunity of staying here. It was both REALLY scary and REALLY exciting. My husband and I had always truly embraced the moving lifestyle. Yes, there were things we didn’t love about it, but we had the opportunity to explore and see so many places in North America. We also had the opportunity to move with a really great company that took care of its employees, and we gained quite the “friend family” through it all. But, through a series of crazy, unforeseen and honestly remarkable events, we saw an opportunity that we decided we needed to take. My husband will leave his company after 8 and a half years and start a brand new job. So, that means that I’m officially getting ready to retire my “moving mom” status. Wow. I can’t even hardly believe it, even though I know it’s really happening.

So… with all that being said, we would LOVE to see The Moving Mom continue on. But, that means that we would need a few (or more) moms who are passionate about moving, learning and meeting new mamas.

Emily Shedek and I have grown close and learned so much together and we would be honored to pass the torch to the next set of moving mamas who could keep this community going and hopefully grow it like crazy. And we would love to pass on all the things we’ve learned and set you up for so much success. This blog and website has means so much to us: a place for us to continue the writing we love to do, a way to stay connected as friends even when we weren’t in the same city and a way to stay connected to other mamas. We know it could grow bigger and better with a fresh, new perspective.

If you are interested and would love to explore how to get plugged in and continue The Moving Mom, we really, really want to hear from you! Please email us at Even if you sorta have the itch to see if it could work, let us know!

A final note from Emily Shedek:

For nearly two years, The Moving Mom blog has been a lot of things to me. It’s a creative outlet, an opportunity to use my journalism degree, a forum for other moms who move and a voice for a group of people who sometimes feel invisible.

My family has been in the same location, and even in our own home, for more than a year now. Sometimes it feels like I’m living someone else’s life. Like I’m not a gypsy anymore, even though the next move could happen at any time. But for now, it feels good to be grounded.

While I am proud of the work that Emily Robertson and I have produced for The Moving Mom, I think her departure from the moving lifestyle seems like a natural ending point for our journey with the blog. We started it together and, for me, the blog just wouldn’t be the same without her. Together we’ve managed to find our way through graphic design, page layout, social media marketing, online advertising and a whole list of website hosting issues. It hasn’t always been easy but I’m certain that we’re both better for having gone on this adventure together. We’ve learned a lot about blogging but we’ve learned even more about the incredible resilient spirit of Moving Moms.

You all have inspired us, challenged us and taught us throughout this process. Getting to know other moms and hearing their stories has been the greatest gift of all. We hope that you learned something from The Moving Mom because we know that we did. Above all else, our readers, friends and families have supported and encouraged us as we did our best to make Emily Robertson’s idea into a relatable and informative space for Moving Moms.

To Emily Robertson, thank you for choosing me to be your partner on this online ride. Thank you for your drive, your patience (especially when my life got busy and you had to carry the burden of posting more than usual) and thank you for your friendship. Working with you, though always from afar, has been a privilege.

The Moving Mom has always been a labor of love and we hope that perhaps someone out there will feel called to continue it. So again, if you are at all interested in jumping into The Moving Mom, EMAIL US at We would love to chat with you!



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