2017 Easter Basket Ideas {For boys}

It’s the boys’ turn this week on the blog. Last week, we compiled a great list of unique Easter basket ideas for girls that weren’t just rinky dink toys or chocolate. If you didn’t get a chance to see it last week, check it out here. So, now we have a big list for your adventure-loving, travel-minded boys. And of course, some of the items from either of our lists could go for the opposite gender, so both are great resources no matter what gender you have in your household. Check out our ideas and let us know if you have any great ones to add:

Adventure toys – We love a toy that gets kids excited about exploring and discovering. These items are also great ways to get kiddos interested in camping and nature this summer. Have fun checking out your backyard and playing outside!


Backpacks – A fun backpack is a great gift for the traveling kiddo, but it can also serve as your basket to stuff other goodies into. Here’s some of our favorites:

Great books – Like we said last week in our girls’ list, we LOVE great kids books (who doesn’t?) And we love any books that encourage kids and foster a love for learning. Here’s some of our favorites:


Building sets – There are so many different building sets out there, but they all get kids thinking differently and learning independently. Here’s a few neat ideas:



Outdoor games – Warmer weather equals more outside time. Here’s a few things to get your kids excited:

Travel toys – Great items to tote with you and keep kids occupied when you are on the move!

Let us know what other awesome ideas you have for Easter Baskets! Happy Easter!

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