2017 Easter Basket Ideas {For Girls}

The spring season and the Easter holiday are right around the corner! And every kiddo can’t wait to receive their Easter basket an find out what goodies they got. But here at the Moving Mom, we are all about thinking outside the box for our little gypsy kids and skipping on all the chocolate and candy. So, check out our fun, travel-friendly and unique Easter basket ideas for 2017:


Travel Board Games – We are all trying to limit the amount of screen time our kids have and board games are a great way to keep them occupied without any technology. And the best part of these games: they are made to travel! You won’t have to be worried about losing pieces or a huge mess in your back seat! Double win! Our favorites include Hungry, Hungry Hippos, Magnetic Checkers, and Snakes n’ Ladders.



Water Bottles – Most kids love to have a drink at the ready at all times and we are always on the hunt for great bottles that are safe, easy to clean and practical for little ones!


Great Books – Around here, we LOVE all books, but books that encourage our girls to be adventurous, curious and brave are the BEST! Here are a few to check out and click on an any of the pictures to find out more:



Craft Projects – For spring or summer break or the random weekend, it is a great idea to have fun craft projects ready to go! And it doesn’t just have to be coloring books or paint! There are so many options including tile art and designing a kite. Check out some of the kits we found:



Building sets – Legos and similar building sets are awesome for all ages and genders. Here’s a few that we think are so neat:



Let us know if any of these are your favorites! And don’t forget…be sure to check out our ideas for boys next week!

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