Doing one thing differently: Get moving and get motivated

Over the next few weeks, we will revisit the idea behind our New Year’s post where we discussed doing one thing differently this year to improve your life. Check back each week to see a new way to incorporate something new this year that may just make a big difference for you or the people around you!

It is easily one of the most used New Year’s resolutions: getting fit and getting healthy. We’ve all probably said it at some point, even if we didn’t actually tell anyone else that we had that goal! But, as every mom knows, it is a lot harder to actually follow through on the goal of a fit and healthy lifestyle! If you have a child with you most of the day, it can be a huge struggle to find the time, money and motivation to actually get and stay healthy. Add in the idea that you are living far away from family and close friends and you start to feel the squeeze of little time and little help to accomplish your goal.

And let’s be honest, we’ve all heard the saying “you can’t give yourself to others if you aren’t taking time for yourself first.” And every mom says “Yes! I totally agree!” And in an ideal world, we’d all be taking all sorts of time for ourselves. But in a real world, there’s a baby who needs to be fed, a dinner that needs to be made, a little one with a school project that needs your assistance and a million other reasons to put yourself and your health on the back burner.

That’s why I was so impressed and inspired by a friend recently who finally decided to put her health and well-being at the forefront of her mind, and because of it she feels better, stays motivated and has made a lot of friends along the way. She had spent a long time putting others first and devoting time to things that didn’t help her body or her mindset. So, when she made her most recent move, she started to get really depressed. Her friend circle was once again gone and she was feeling lost and lonely. In desperation, her husband researched different places in their new hometown where she could get involved. One of the places he found was a pilates and yoga studio. She had NEVER done anything even in the realm of yoga or pilates and it really scared her a bit! She didn’t know a soul that went to the studio and she was completely out of her element, but guess what? She decided to go! And she quickly realized SHE LOVED IT! She enjoyed the challenge of learning something new, but also the challenge and joy of meeting new people that were completely out of her realm of moving. She loved exercising and stretching her body and feeling empowered and strong after each session. And she loved having a new circle of people around her who loved her and motivated her to keep coming back (and who would call and ask where she is when she missed too many days! That’s some motivation, right?) My friend even says that she easily could have slipped back into her old habits and gone on with life like it had been, but she was so thankful she didn’t.

So, I say all of that to say that exercise can be so much more than just burning some calories. It can be strolling your little ones with a new friend in the afternoon sunshine. It can be joining a running group and seeing areas of your new town that you didn’t know about. It could be joining a dance class, volleyball league or golf team that allows you to get out of your comfort zone and feel better about yourself in the end. So, we challenge you, Moving Moms, to make health and friendship a priority for you. We guarantee your whole family will benefit from your decision and who doesn’t love that?

What do you do to get moving and stay motivated? Are you training for a certain race? Do you have a workout accountability partner? We want to know! Email us at!


-by Emily Robertson

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