3 {more} ways to connect with family & friends from far away!

Since we are all usually far from family, we’re always looking for the perfect way to reach out to family and friends far away. Whether it’s aunts and uncles, grandparents or close friends, especially if you have little ones, your loved ones want to be a part of your life even when they are far away. So we are always brainstorming new ways to help you stay connected with your families using technology, and we’ve come up with some new ideas! We’ve previously done a post about how to maintain contact with friends and family, so be sure to check out this post too! So now… for a few new, unique ideas:

  •  Snapchat – We know what you are thinking… Snapchat?!? Weird, right? When most people think of Snapchat, they don’t really understand it, or think it is just for teenyboppers with their brand new cell phones. But we’ve found that the app is a perfect way to share your day-to-day life with family. Basically, the app allows users to take pictures or up to 10 second videos and either send to certain other users where they can play it up to two times, or put it on your “My Story” tab where it stays for the next 24 hours! The thing I love about the app is that it is a simple way to share silly, boring things that only our family or friends care about. And my parents and in-laws, as well as my husband LOVE seeing our days. And even my kids love making short, silly videos to put on the app. And an added bonus, is that you can save your snaps from throughout each day, so you are able to record your days to save and look back at later.


  • Private family Facebook/Instagram groups or accounts – We all love to put pictures of our little ones up on social media, right? But let’s be honest, all of our friends don’t want to see 800 pictures of your trip to the zoo each week. But guess who does? Your family! So… create private groups or accounts where you only invite those who REALLY want to see your day-to-day activities. On Facebook, I create a family group page where I share all the random pictures I take throughout the week. Where I might share one or two pictures throughout the week on my regular social media, on my private family group, I am constantly uploading photos, and our family really appreciates it! On Instagram, I’ve seen people create separate private accounts where they put up pictures everyday and only clog up the accounts of family (especially grandparents!)


  • Facebook live videos – Back in early December, my family had just purchased our Christmas tree and we were preparing to decorate it! I had the idea to set up Facebook live and let them in on the process. We started the video and just set it up so that it recorded our whole room. And the great part about Facebook live is that many family members could watch the video live. If you even wanted to share it with all of your Facebook friends, you could (although we just livestreamed in our Facebook family group to save others the 30 minutes of us hanging ornaments and dancing to Christmas music!) Since that first livestream, we’ve utilized the feature at our son’s basketball games and other random times! Be sure that your family does have notifications set up for live videos if they want to actually watch them live!

What other unique ways to do you use to stay connected with family? We’d love to hear so let us know at themovingmom@gmail.com!

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  1. Jordan J says:

    With iPhone and iCloud my husband and I created shared albums where we are able to share pictures or videos with who ever we choose by adding their contact info. Your friends and family can also still leave comments on the photos and only the people you add to the albums can see the photos and comments!

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