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Here at The Moving Mom, we are all about finding and bringing you resources that will make your life and move easier, smarter, safer and cheaper. So, when we find something that helps accomplish that, we have to let you know. is a free, user-friendly database that lists all kinds of companies that provide services for anything from insurance and lawn care companies to mattresses and dog food. Recently, they added a new moving company consumer guide and we think it would be a great resource when you have to figure out what company to choose to move you and all your stuff! Believe us, there are some companies that are better than others and even within the same company, there can be good and bad staff and drivers, but this guide gets you pointed in the right direction! We talked with Brooke Seward, from and she gave us a little insight into the new guide:

“Moving companies help customers move their belongings from one location to another, whether their customers are homeowners, corporations or others,” Brooke said. “There are several different types of movers, and our guide can help to choose the best company to meet all needs.”

The website breaks down the guide to make sure users can find exactly what they need:

  • What features matter most: Cost, customer services, size?
  • What are the different types: Long distance, local, corporate?
  • Who is it for: Individuals, households, corporations?

If you want to find a great match through the website and don’t have a specific company in mind, you can fill out your needs such as where you live, how big of a residence you are in and what kind of services you will need and the website will pair you with companies. If you have certain companies in mind, you can look for the companies listing and read through reviews from actual people that have used the company and what their experience was. And keep in mind, like we said before, there will always be good and bad with any company! That’s life, right!

Check out the moving guide here and let us know your thoughts!

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