2017 Moving Mom {Honest} New Year’s Resolutions

In our annual “New Year’s Resolutions” we take a look at how life really is and we imagine how we may be able to do it just a bit better. Check out our resolutions from last year here and let us know what you would add to this list:


  1. I WILL NOT buy another pair of black yoga pants. (And I promise to wear non-yoga pants at least 2 times each week.)
  2. I promise to not judge my crazy, messy life based on other people’s pretty family Instagram feeds. I must remember that other people’s 3-year-old’s have meltdowns when they don’t use the right color cheese too (they just don’t let everyone know about that!)
  3. I promise to share my knowledge of all things mom-friendly and efficient (Amazon Prime, ClickList, Postmates, etc.) with other moms around me so they too can save time and sanity. Help a sister out, right?
  4. I will promise to actually print out some pictures off my phone/computer/tablet even if I just use one of those services where you give them your Instagram feed and they do EVERYTHING. ELSE. Because let’s be honest, who has time for making an actual scrapbook?!
  5. I promise to talk to the mom standing next to me at the preschool/gym/grocery store. I need a friend and she probably could use one too.
  6. I promise to read at least one book this year. So many great books to check out like Girl Meets Change, Hidden Figures, Small Great Things, When Breath Becomes Air, The Slight Edge, Big Little Lies, Ordinary Grace
  7. I promise to Facetime my Mom more. Even if you already call her once a day, she will ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS love to hear from you, see her grandkids, or just see you a little more. Besides, you want to set a good example for your own kids to call you and be nice to you someday too, right?
  8. I promise to stop caring that I’m not in my forever, dream or perfect home and start making our house a home for right now.
  9. I will NOT apologize for all those unpacked boxes shoved in the corners when I’m showing people around my place. We move a lot, people. It’s just par for the course.

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