Christmas Vacation for The Moving Mom {Part 2}

Anyone else exhausted today? Phew… this past weekend was full of fun, family, friends and so many wonderful memories! So today, you are probably either cleaning up, traveling or lounging around! Sounds like a perfect time to catch up on another one of our favorite Moving Mom posts from this past year! We thought it was the perfect post to revisit since New Year’s Eve is coming up this week and you may not have a sitter available. Check it out below… and Merry Christmas, Moving Moms! We are so thankful for you!
Ever looking for a way to celebrate and spend special time with your sweetie without spending a ton of money (and you don’t even have to try and find a sitter)? You’re in luck, Moving Moms! We’ve come up with some great “date night in” ideas so you can spend some quality time with your Valentine!

What’s cookin’ goodlookin’ – After you put the kiddos in bed, pull out that recipe you’ve been dying to try, but you knew your kids wouldn’t touch and whip it up together! You get to enjoy the time of cooking instead of trying to rush and then you can actually sit down at the table and enjoy a relaxed, quiet dinner. Bonus points if you can actually talk the whole dinner without bringing up the kiddos. (But, we know that is a hard one to accomplish) And a disclaimer: if the thought of pulling out all those dishes and doing all the work of cooking makes you want to go hide in your closet, then grab the phone and order in from that restaurant you’ve been wanting to try. You can always take the food out of the Styrofoam and put it on your nice China, and voila, you have a fancy dinner!

Try something new together – Similar to the idea above, but if you want to try and cook something, start the date by heading to the grocery store earlier in the day and each of you picking out an ingredient that you’ve never tried. Then you can research recipes to use the new ingredient in and you can both experience something new together. It may taste great or horrible, but it will definitely create a fun memory either way!

Fire pit and chill – Maybe you’ve already enjoyed dinner with your crew earlier in the evening, but after all the littles are in bed, head out to your backyard and light up the fire pit. Cuddle under a blanket and make some s’mores. Make yourselves sit outside by the fire without your phones so that you’re forced to enjoy each other’s company and actually chat. Plus, you get to enjoy the outdoors and take in that crisp evening chill. Enjoy it now, because you’ll be dreaming of it in a few months when the humidity of summer sets in.

Get your game on – Whether you are super competitive or just like to play for fun, having a game night together makes for a fun evening together. Up the ante by making a friendly bet that whoever wins the game or the most games has to fold the laundry or empty the dishwasher for the next week. Suddenly, it will all get a little more intense. This is also another great time to try something new together. If you are in the market for a new game, head to the store and grab one you’ve never tried. It may end up being a new favorite!

20 questions – There is always something new to learn about your significant other, no matter how long you’ve been together. Find a list of fun and funny questions and trade off asking each other for answers. Here are some questions to get your started!

Make a great pair – Plan and organize a fun pairing night. Do some research on great wine and cheese pairings or check out these listings for good wine and Girl Scout cookie pairings. See if you can actually tell why experts pair them together, or just enjoy some good food together.

Date night book club – Pick out a great book that you both are wanting to read and schedule a few evenings to discuss what you’ve read so far. Disclaimer: if you are anything like my husband and myself, it may be difficult to find books that you both are itching to read, but maybe you can read two in a row and you can each pick out one. Let’s be honest, anything that gets you reading more is a good thing, right?

Just dance – If all else fails and you are feeling a little goofy, put on some fun songs and bust a move. Don’t be afraid to just make fun of yourself and dance around the living room. And if you need some encouragement, you may defer to a Wii or Kinect dance game to get the party started.

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