Making Kindness Count!

Making Kindness CountWe know you are busy… like really, really busy! It’s December for goodness sakes! And the more we all talk about slowing down and enjoying this magical season with our little ones, we still seem to fill our weeks with all kinds of parties, events, festivals, decorating, lights, food, tinsel… the list (as cliché as it sounds) really does go on and on!

But, what if you decided to just do one thing differently this year? Here’s what we are thinking: Maybe along with all the cookie baking and merry making, we can do simple, great things for people around us this month and we can partner along with our children in doing it! You could make a goal to do an act of kindness once, once a week, or once a day! The most important thing is that you spend the time talking to your kids about why you are taking time to do a kind thing for someone you don’t know, who can’t repay you, or who isn’t expecting it.

We know we aren’t the first to think of doing simple acts of kindness in December, we just love the idea so much! And it really doesn’t have to be complicated. There are tons of resources online that show you kindness calendars, so it really is easy to do! In the first few days this month, my kids and I have done a few things that didn’t take any money and were so easy! So, give it a try, because the worst thing that could happen is you spend some quality time with your kids and you help another person.

Here’s 25 of our ideas to get you started on your Christmas kindness:

  1. Make “thank you” cards for your kiddo’s teachers
  2. Take a $5 gift card to a bell ringer on a cold day so they can get a cup of coffee or hot cocoa to warm up
  3. Call a loved one that lives far away to say you love them
  4. Pick up trash on a street near your house
  5. Send a special note in a parent’s or sibling’s lunch box for them to find while they are away from home
  6. Leave a kind note, with the tip, for a server telling them they did a great job
  7. Send a card “just because” to a friend that wouldn’t be expecting it
  8. Help serve food to the homeless and find out other ways you can assist them
  9. Donate a gift per child instead of giving your kids one more thing
  10. Put quarters in 10 shopping carts if they require coins to be used
  11. Adopt a senior citizen through local nursing homes or other organizations
  12. Leave flowers on a friends doorstep
  13. Pay for the order behind you in the drive-thru
  14. Hold the door open for everyone you encounter in a day
  15. Leave a bag of coffee beans in the mailbox for your letter carrier
  16. Let someone go ahead of you in line
  17. Make bird feeders to hang in the trees in your yard
  18. Go play with the animals at the humane society and bring a donation of a few new toys
  19. Invite some friends over to make cookies or crafts
  20. Pass along clothes that don’t fit anymore to smaller children that could use them
  21. Leave Christmas cards for all of your neighbors
  22. Join with a group of friends and take several $5 gift cards to firefighters or police officers
  23. Hand out coupons for hugs to family members
  24. Take a neighbor’s newspaper or mail right up to their door
  25. Hand out bottled water or hot chocolate to your trash collectors along with a “thank you” note for their hard work


Does your family already have a tradition of doing acts of kindness throughout the year? Tell us your best ideas at

-by Emily Robertson

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