Divine Secrets of the Moving Mom Sisterhood: Love your local library

jessiesAfter we made our last move, nearly two years ago, I remember sitting in my house, seven months pregnant, with a two-year-old and absolutely no friends. Oh, and it was really cold outside. Needless to say, I was miserable. The town we moved to had a mall, but we had already walked it three times that week and all I wanted was to get out of the house without having to spend any money.

So, I decided to check out our local library. We previously lived just outside of Denver and we lived within walking distance to a GREAT library. A brand-new, state-of-the-art, beautiful library with monthly-rotating, themed children’s toys, awesome classes and tons of books. So to say I had high hopes for our new town’s library would have been an understatement.

When we went to check it out the first time, I remember pulling up to the older looking building and my heart sank a tiny bit.

This won’t be like our old place. Oh well…

I had already planned for us to go to toddler story time, so we reluctantly went in and headed toward the classroom. There were a few children roaming about playing on the computers or reading in rocking chairs under huge pretend trees. And I remember thinking “Well, this is sort of nice.” It may not have been shiny and new, but it seemed cozy and still fun and colorful. And then story time started and the librarian totally captured the heart and mind of my little toddler. He already loved books, but she sang songs with the kiddos and read books that corresponded with the crafts they would do that day. My son had an absolute blast. And you know what? So did I. Other mothers came up to me and asked about when I was due. After I told them we were new to the area, they would give recommendations for other things around town and tips on things like preschools, grocery stores and doctors.

img_4678And thus began our faithful weekly trips to our little local library. Through these two years, we met some of our dearest friends at story time. We attend birthday parties, hang out throughout the week, and we even went camping with our friends this summer. We used to call them our “library friends,” now they are just our friends. And when we miss, even one week, I get texts asking where we were and then we can’t wait to get back to our library and see everyone.

So, here are my top reasons why Moving Moms should LOVE your local library:

Your kids get exposed to other adults and children – We love our children’s librarian and she can help you locate any children’s book you may want to read and gives amazing recommendations. She knows all the regular kids that come and is so kind to each child that walks in the door. Even the other librarians that check us out love chatting with our kiddos as we come and go each week. They make my kids smile and giggle and they let them help scan books and pack them up. I know this helps my kiddos learn about our community and interacting with adults in positive environments, even when they are so young.

New books ALL. THE. TIME. –  My son and daughter love checking out new books each week to take home. We’ve read so many interesting books that I never would think of if we had not found them at the library. Our library pulls out and displays books that are relevant to seasons or approaching holidays and makes them easily accessible. (Also, it makes you look like a super parent when you read books that are about holidays that they know are coming up, or things that they are already learning about!) Plus, less stuff to actually own (and pack) at our house! I would much rather save money and rent books at the library than try to buy and move so many books.

All kinds of free programs – We participate in summer and winter reading programs, where kids earn all kinds of fun stuff just for reading books that they choose. We attend all sorts of activities that the library puts on free-of-charge where my kids learned about STEM topics, farming (they actually got to help make butter), healthy eating and wildlife. They are always advertising new and different programs and remember (most of the time) it’s all free!img_1640

It’s indoors and it’s free – Even if you have no desire to check out books, if you are looking for a place to get out of the house and give your kids some time to play and learn, the library is the perfect place to go. There are computer games, coloring, puzzles, train tables, blocks and magnets, and that’s just at our local library. Sometimes, all a kid needs is different activities than what they have at home and if it’s cold or raining, the library is the perfect place to take your kids. A lot of times, libraries get a reputation of stiff, quiet buildings where you’d need to keep your children silent, but really nothing is further from the truth. Our library child area is full of laughter, singing, dancing, and playing, and the librarians love it that way.

There’s stuff for adults too – Our library system has a whole pamphlet full of adult activities that they host on evenings and weekends and it’s not just book discussions. They have free yoga, crafting, learning how to sew, use computer programs or write. Our system hosts lots of authors for bigger events and even hosted a how-to seminar one weekend where attendees could learn anything from how to cook a certain dish to how to fix things. So neat! And you never know, you could easily meet some fantastic new friends at an event like that!

Finding your closest local library is as easy as typing in your town name and “public library” into a web browser. We can’t say about how much libraries mean to us in all our moves. It’s where we find so much family fun and where we connect with so many friends!

Why do you love your local library? Let us know by contacting us at themovingmom@gmail.com!


-by Emily Robertson



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