Unpacking information: Finding the relocation resources your company offers

unpackingI’m sure lots of us have had these thoughts before: “I have this question about our move that seems really simple, but I can’t find the answer anywhere! We can’t possibly be the only one who has this question, right?” or “Gosh, I’m really worried about this certain thing and I wish I had someone who could ease my mind and calm my nerves.” Sound familiar? And a lot of times, it feels like we are drifting in a sea of uncertainty all by ourselves.

But, what some people don’t know is that there are resources (oh, so many resources) out there that a lot of our companies (whether it is private, or through the military) put in place to help ease the transitions we all face so often. If there are any of you out there saying “Whaaaa?” you are not alone. Honestly, a lot of times, even when a company or organization does have resources and people to help you through relocations, they may not do a great job letting employees (or employee’s spouses) know about it. Let’s be honest, all you need is a really focused group of mamas who know how to use some social media and everyone will hear the news!

So, we thought, why not share about the resources we’ve came across so that others may be able to hunt down similar items in their own company or military branch. It’s all about sharing info and making everyone’s lives easier, am I right? Here are a few things we’ve encountered that make our moves a whole lot easier:

Internal relocation services – Most companies have people that are paid to help guide your move from one point to another! Sometimes it is one person and sometimes it can be a whole department of people dedicated to just relocation! They are paid to help you move, so don’t be afraid to contact them and ask them all your questions. If it is your first move, they should help let you know what  you should expect through the whole process. Seriously, make sure you utilize their information and experience. They help people move everyday and if you are wondering about something, they have probably encountered it before, or can find someone who has.

LOTS of information – Let’s be honest, for a lot of us out there, we love having gobs and gobs of information so that we can read and research! We LOVE being prepared! So some companies are taking a big step in reaching out to families who relocate by offering online resources that are focused on just their company. There are whole websites designated to helping families find housing, schools, churches and doctors in certain targeted areas where their company moves people. All that information right at your fingertips. Pretty awesome, right? For instance, Kiewit, a construction company that moves families regularly is currently unveiling a comprehensive family relocation website that provides ALL kinds of information! We’ve had a chance to peek at it and it is pretty cool! If you are a family that moves with Kiewit and would be interested in learning more about the relocation website, be sure to contact relocation@kiewit.com to obtain the password.

I get a little help from {Facebook} friends – Facebook is full of different groups for spouses of all sorts of professions. Sometimes these might be set up by a certain company or just a certain industry. Whether you are in the military or the railroad, construction, oil or other industry, there is probably some sort of group where you can get connected. Whether it might be a place to throw out a general question about how others handle a certain situation, or a chance to just smile from a funny meme someone put up about people asking you if you’re still married because your husband is gone so much for work (we all probably relate to that one!) it can just be a nice place to go to not feel so out of place.

Here’s a few groups we came across in our research:

Railroad Wives and Families

Railroad Families of America

Spouses, Family, Companions of Traveling Union Construction Workers

Oilfield Families of America 

Oilfield Wives of Canada

Oilfield Wives

{There are lots of groups for military spouses depending on branch and location! A quick search on Facebook should usually lead you to the right spot for all military groups!}

Chances to connect to other movers and shakers – It is so comforting and nice to connect with others that truly get our lives. Companies are starting to recognize that fact and in some cities where lots of people from the same company are temporarily located, they create groups where spouses can socialize, learn and grow together. It makes a huge difference even if it is just a dinner together. Sometimes they are more formal groups, such as FRGs (Family Readiness Groups) at military bases or forts and sometimes it starts as just a spouse having a coffee at her house and inviting others over. But if a company can help support the gathering of families together, everyone wins.

If you don’t think that your company offers any or all of these, make sure you reach out to someone in the company (possibly an employee in the human resources department), to inquire about them. If they don’t have these resources in place, ask if any of it could be possible. We really believe that a better informed, equipped and supported spouse and family means a happier employee and a longer tenure with a company. A big win-win!

Is there a resource we left out that your company provides for employees and their families? We want to hear about it! Email us at themovingmom@gmail.com.


-by Emily Robertson

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