A new way to cut toy clutter!

So, before we get started, we wanted to throw out a little disclaimer about today’s post. Awhile ago, we were approached by the people at Pley. They asked us to try out their service for free! But, we want you to know that in this review we were given full freedom to say whatever we thought about the service and all opinions are completely are own!

Ok, now that all of that is out of the way, when we first heard about Pley, we weren’t sure what to think! PIMG_5573ley is an online service where you sign up and pay a monthly subscription fee for the ability to rent different toys. The thing that really made us give the service a second look is how it would fit perfectly into a moving family’s lifestyle! Cutting clutter is always a main goal when you move often and the ability to have a rotating collection of new toys that don’t pile up at your house and you don’t have to move sounds pretty good to us!

Pley is priced fairly reasonably for the base service. For the $12.99 “novice” plan, you receive one credit per month. Some toys are more than one credit, but there are lots you can get for one credit. There is also a “wizard” plan, where you can receive three credits per month for $29.99. That seemed a bit pricey for our family’s budget, but might be a great option for extended family members looking for a gift idea!

I will say that one of the biggest benefits in Pley is their large toy collection! There are lots of brand name toy options to choose from like American Girl, Lego, Disney, Leap Frog and Nerf! When you are looking for toys, you can narrow your search based on the type of toy you are looking for (arts and crafts, science, dolls, etc.), ages and brands. It makes it super easy to find things! We rented an Aquadoodle, which was a sort of drawing toy that uses water to create the drawings. IIMG_6022 rented it because I thought it would be neat to try out a toy that we could use during travels in the car or plane (I’m always looking for new ways to entertain children during trips!) Our toy only came with two pieces, but I did get a bit concerned looking at some toys with dozens of pieces! How in the world could anyone keep track of those pieces so you could return them all! I posed the question to the people at Pley:

“We do understand that there are many pieces, especially with our larger toy set, and mistakes happen,” said Sara
Johnson of Pley. “We do not charge for regular wear and tear on toys or for missing pieces. We have a system called the Pley Detective where you can report missing pieces.”

OK, so they get that life happens! Phew… that’s a huge bonus for me in my crazy life!

Once I placed my order for Pley, I received the toy within five days! I thought that was fairly quick and would allow someone to place a request and receive it before they went on a trip or had a special play date with friends. Not quite as quick as Amazon Prime, but hey, you also aren’t purchasing a toy or having more stuff to find places for when you move, so there are pluses and minuses!

IMG_5787My kiddos LOVED the toy! They had fun with the bright colors and this mama loved that it was a clean toy that could easily be packed with us on a road trip! It was exactly what I was looking for and like I said earlier, I think it would be hard not to find something that you are interested in from their extensive toy list!

Once you are done with the toy, you do need to return it! When you receive your toy initially, you receive a return mailing label that you use to ship the toy back. Shipping is a $5.95 flat rate and you do pay that in addition to your monthly fee. Again, so many of us are so used to not having shipping when we buy from Amazon Prime, but you do have to remember you pay a yearly membership for that as well. It all depends on what is important to you!

In the end, I think Pley is a really cool idea that totally fits into the idea of living simply and keeping your home as easy to move as possible. The service worked well for me and my kids loved the toy. I do think it might be scary to try out the larger toys with lots of pieces, but it seems that Pley has a pretty sensible approach to the loss of pieces! I think a subscription to Pley would make a great gift idea (who doesn’t love getting a fun piece of mail once in awhile?!)


– by Emily Robertson


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