Why we can all relate to that very first day of school

It’s that sweet time of year again! There is so much cuteness filling up my social media accounts. I LOVE all of the “First Day of School” pictures, but feel for the parents that post about the heartache of sending their little chicks off for their first day of kindergarten. I’m still two years out from that fateful day with my oldest (and I can’t even stand to think about it actually happening… the thought makes my eyes well up as I type!) And while it has been many, many moons since my very first day of kindergarten (did I mention MANY?!?), I feel like in some ways, all of us Moving Moms out there have a life of continual first days!The Moving Mom (1)

7 ways that a Moving Mom and a new kindergartner are the same:

You’re scared out of your mind – Every, single move elicits moments of fear and worry. Will the new city be as great as where we are now? Will I like it? Will it seem like we belong there? And even if we are cool and collected above water, our little feet are moving a mile a minute underwater with all the thoughts that run through our head.

You get new stuff – No time like a move or the first day of kindergarten to get lots of shiny, new stuff! But, instead of backpacks and trapper keepers (any children of the 90s out there?), it’s curtains to fit new windows, new food to fill the pantry and a new toilet brush (because you NEVER pack the old one, am I right?)

You REALLY want to make new friends – It doesn’t matter how old or young you are, making friends and finding your place is a universal feeling. In kindergarten, it might just take a simple gesture of sharing your amazing 120 count Crayola crayon pack, but it takes a bit more when you are about 20 plus years older. I feel like a new town doesn’t quite feel like home until I make that first new friend and I have a feeling that kindergarten starts to feel a lot less scary after that first friendly encounter.

You have no idea where stuff is – Can you imagine a 5-year-old navigating the hallways of a huge, new school? I can’t think about it because it seems so crazy. But then I think about how, honestly, for the first four or five weeks, I wander around a new town just looking for the grocery store. Even cities that people say are easy to navigate because of numbered streets, I’m making wrong turns and mumbling at myself as my kiddos scream to get out of their car seat. Being lost is a universal feeling, that is for sure!

You miss the way stuff used to be – Whether it is a kindergartner longing for the days at home with a parent or preschool, or a Moving Mom remembering life in her former town, it can be hard to not want to look behind and long for what was. Especially when the view behind you is so familiar and easy and the view in front of you looks a lot more unknown.

You learn a bunch – I know that in EVERY move we’ve made, there were lessons that we learned. Some were easier to learn than others and some took some time before we stubbornly took the lesson, but we’ve grown and stretched in ways that I think would never be possible without our relocations. I’ve heard parents and teachers say that the amount of growth from the first day of kindergarten to the last day is astounding, and I bet a lot of us could say the same thing about the time from the moving truck unloading the first box to packing up the boxes again.

You eventually settle in – Whether it is your first move, or your fifteenth, after a bit of time, you settle into a new routine and it eventually becomes your old routine. Life moves on, just like in school, and it eventually becomes your “new normal.”




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