Celebrating Birthdays: Moving Mom-style

Birthdays-Gypsy-styleIs anyone loving summer so far? All our hands are raised over here! We are two-thirds of the way through summer and the start of school is JUST around the corner (that’s really exciting for some of you mamas, right?) But before we turn our sights toward cooler weather and all things pumpkin, we have to celebrate. July is a good month in the Moving Mom world! Both of the Moving Mom creators and bloggers celebrate birthdays this month. Woohoo! We’ve had a full month, capped off by birthday celebrations and fun times with family and friends! Let’s just say it… we’ve been partying! But as we started thinking about our own birthdays, we realized sometimes they aren’t all fun and games when you live far from home, right? We’ve all had those birthdays when all you want to do is crawl back in bed and watch “Friends” reruns all day. But here’s a few tips we’ve used to try and beat any gypsy family birthday blues. (Plus, we included a few photos from our birthdays this last week! We had a ton of fun!)IMG_4910

Experience something – I always love a great experience over most gifts! In the past, we’ve planned weekend trips, hikes and day getaways. Anything that lets you be with your family and enjoy life on your birthday! Other ideas are cooking classes, boat or bike rentals, skiing, skydiving or a unique museum or funky farm tour.

Who says you can’t go home? – Make plans to head home for the weekend near your birthday, if you can! There’s nothing like being surrounded by those you love the most as you turn another year older. Even if it’s just for a day or two, heading home and getting a hug from your IMG_7586family and eating at your favorite restaurant can make your day!

Rally the troops – If you can’t go home, plan for some visitors to come to you! A lot of times, it just takes a simple invite to have your friends booking a flight to come see you! Even if you sit at home and watch movies on your birthday, at least you’d be surrounded by close friends.

Plan your own pampering – If you love a good spa day, be proactive and tell your family that you’d love a day of peace and quiet. Most women are guilty of not taking nearly enough time for themselves, and your birthday is a perfect excuse to do just that, even if it is the first time you’ve ever tried a spa.

What have you done to make your birthdays far from family and friends easier? Email us at themovingmom@gmail.com!



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