7 Ways to make your house guests feel at home

The Simpson's Biggest (1)When you move far from friends and family in your home town, there’s a good chance you are going to have house guests that come to visit and if you are anything like us they come early and often (which we love!) A lot of times, having and being house guests can be stressful for both parties, but it doesn’t have to be that way! We’ve compiled just a few simple things you can make sure you do to help your house guests feel at home and take the stress of hosting down a few notches for you!

  1. Clean up – I know… as a mom of two little ones, I always say my house is in a constant state of chaos. But, I love to use the excuse of having guests come to visit as a way to clean and declutter. A freshly mopped floor and a deep-cleaned bathroom are such simple things, but they can make a house feel so welcoming!
  2. Prepare a space just for your guests – We all don’t have the luxury of having a spare guest room dedicated just for those who come to visit, but even if you only have a corner of the basement, or a spare office, you can always make a space feel welcoming! Have a bed (or airbed) made up prior to your guests arriving. Make sure there are pillows and towels set out!
  3. Have a menu prepared beforehand – No one enjoys the conversation where no one cares what you want to eat and no one wants to make any decisions. It is a great idea to have meals already mapped out. Make sure to ask your guests if they have any food aversions or allergies and check if there are any local restaurants they are dying to check out when they visit.
  4. Have some idea of a schedule for your visitors – Similar to the point above, it’s always a great idea to have some ideas mapped out on activities that you and your guests can do. Stay flexible with a schedule, but definitely have some ideas.
  5. Prepare a welcome basket – If this is your visitors’ first time coming to your city and home, it may be fun to collect some items that are special to your town. Along with the items unique to your area, it may be fun to throw in a package of travel tissues, a postcard from your town, a pack of gum and anything else you think might be nice to have when you are traveling.
  6. Make your house user-friendly – Show visitors where they can find water and snacks if they get hungry in the middle of the night, and how to find the coffee and operate the coffee maker if they are early risers. Stock some extra toothbrushes and soap in your guest bathroom and make sure there are extra rolls of toilet paper already in the bathroom! Show guests how to use your television and remotes so they aren’t pushing every button just trying to watch the news early in the morning!
  7. Have a great smelling house – Buying a fresh bunch of flowers to put on your kitchen table and in your guest room will brighten up the space and make it smell fantastic. Another great idea to freshen up a room is by making a natural room scent (check out how to make some here.)

So… we want to hear what you would add to our list! Send us your suggestions at themovingmom@gmail.com!

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