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So moving time is upon you and it’s time to pack. We know that most of your energy will go into filling boxes, prepping kid-friendly food, clothes and activities for your trip to your new home and cleaning your soon-to-be old home. But somewhere amidst that chaos, you’ll need to pack for YOU. Remember her?  Ah yes. She’s important, too (at least, we think so)! We’re here to break down the 10 Essential Items that every mom should pack for herself during moving time. Everything else can get loaded on the moving truck but make sure to hold back these basics (along with some undergarments, we assume) to make your journey fashionable yet fuss-free!

1. Patterned tanks or shells 

As a mom of two young kids, I use this trick all the time. I start my outfit with a top that has a pattern because stains, smudges and dirt aren’t as noticeable on them as they would be on a solid garment. And let’s face it, when you’re moving with little ones, there’s bound to be some dirty work involved.

2. Comfortable, light-weight layering pieces

Whether you’re a fan of cardigans, hoodies or jackets, plan to pack pieces that will give you a bit of coverage if you get chilly but won’t be too bulky in the car or on the airplane. Neutral colors are best because they’ll coordinate with your other items effortlessly.

3. Yoga pants

We hate to perpetuate a mommy stereotype, but there’s a reason that these are an essential for most matriarchs. The elastic waistband and stretchy, forgiving fabric is ideal for long car rides. It may not be appropriate for each and every leg of your journey but it’s great for travel, time at the park and any days that include heavy lifting and inevitable sweating.

4. Sneakers

Let’s not be heroes, ladies. No need to attempt moving in your stacked stilettos. It’s important to be both comfortable and safe during a move. So wear sensible footwear that won’t slip when you finish that final mop at your old house.

5. Slip-on shoes or sandals

The goal here is comfort and ease. Two hours into your drive when you’re half asleep in the passenger seat barefoot and curled up under your hoodie (see #2), and you hear the dreaded phrase “I have to go potty… now!” from the back seat, your groggy body will thank you for not bringing those on-trend lace-up gladiator sandals.

6. Loose, light tops

Pick your level of sophistication ladies. If you like to be a little more pulled together on a daily basis, bring shells or light-weight knit tanks for maximum breathability. Or if you like the more athletic look, stick to a basic tank from your workout collection.

7. A multi-colored scarf

The more colors the better because that means the scarf will coordinate with nearly anything you pack – floral patterns are my favorite. Scarves are an easy and quick way to make a few random pieces look like a chic outfit. They’re also good for covering any stains on your undershirt from last-minute cleaning and can double as a tiny blanket for kids who freeze in restaurants (that’s my 5-year-old, people).

8. Your most comfortable (but not most expensive) pair of jeans

Jeans are a no-brainer here because you can dress them up or down depending on your personal style. But don’t bring the ones that hug your curves perfectly and make you feel like you’re 19 again. You never know when an unexpected bleach incident could occur.

9. Your most valuable jewelry – especially your wedding ring

It may sound crazy to dress comfy casual but accessorize with your best jewelry but trust us on this one. If you have professional movers relocating all your worldly possessions, you’re probably thrilled to have someone do all the heavy lifting. But be thoughtful about what you send with them. You may want to consider keeping your grandmother’s coveted ruby ring or other precious and valuable accessories with you so there’s no risk of them being lost or stolen. Just be sure to have a plan on where to stash them safely at night while you’re staying in hotels (and never leave them in the car).

10. A hat

Let’s face it, there are no good hair days during a move. So when your ‘do is looking more like a “don’t,” be prepared with a back-up plan. A ball cap, head scarf or alternative covering for your messy mane could be exactly what you need to keep things running smoothly and efficiently.

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-By Emily Shedek


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