A Father’s Day Salute to Moving Dads!

This week is Father’s Day! A special day set aside to honor and celebrate the men in our lives! And while all dads are pretty great, a Moving Dad is truly something special! Usually our blog focuses on the Moms, but we thought, this week, we would turn the spotlight on the other half and point out the reasons we LOVE Moving Dads so much! Moving Dads are awesome because they:

  1. Keep us on our toes – “Well… we are moving again!” Love it and hate it, but a lot of times, a Moving Dad’s job is the reason we move! While it is hard, and there are so many uncertainties, it is an adventure no matter what! (And some of us love the change!)
  2. Know when to pick their battles – This life is all about compromise and sometimes that slightly pricier Moving (2)house is worth it because it has more space and a bigger closet and it makes us happy! A Moving Dad is all about finding the best for his family and especially for his partner! Hey, happy wife, happy life is the saying, right?
  3. Make sure we are doing OK – A Moving Dad is great about checking in and seeing how his spouse is doing with life! Transitions, moves, making new friends and navigating a new city are all REALLY hard and Moving Dads are good about remembering that.
  4. Are always up for an adventure – They are always up for the next weekend trip to explore the area around you! The fun in moving around is that you get to do new things and see cool places and a Moving Dad definitely knows that!
  5. Make a great team – A Moving Dad knows that everything about this life would be nearly impossible if it isn’t for his partner! What you are great at doing, he may struggle to do and he picks up the slack when you don’t love a certain task. Moving can take a toll on a relationship, but a great team can navigate it well and learn a lot through it each time.
  6. Offer us a break – Moving Dads are great about flying solo one evening so you can get out with some friends or get away for some relaxation. They remember that usually you are away from your support system and having time to yourself isn’t always that easy!
  7. Offer an ear to listen – Again, a lot of times we don’t have those who are the dearest to us nearby and sometimes we just need to vent. Moving Dads are great at being good listeners when it is needed and providing a safe place to share exactly what we are thinking and feeling.
  8. Are teaching their kids to explore – Moving Dads show their kids how to really get out and see the world! Why just visit someplace new when you can live there for a year and become immersed in the culture? Moving Dads help create a new generation of little explorers who are anxious to conquer the world!

So, to all the Moving Dads out there… thanks for the adventure and the fun! We are thankful for you and we salute you this week! Happy Father’s Day, Moving Dads!



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