5 tips for creating a summer fun checklist!

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Happy Memorial Day, Moving Moms! It’s the unofficial start to summer! Lots of sun and fun is ahead! And when your kiddos are still little it can seem like you still have lots of summers ahead to enjoy all the things the season has to offer! But, I once heard a reminder that you have to remember you only have 18 summers before your child graduates high school and heads off! That’s 18 summers to make memories and traditions with those little ones of yours! Crazy, right?And that’s assuming that they don’t end up doing summer school or jobs before that! So, this summer, I decided that before the season even begins, I would write up a “Summer Fun Checklist” full of unique and classic summer fun! So, if we are ever looking for a way to spend a Saturday afternoon, or if we are searching for a different, fun way to have a friend play date, we already have some ideas ready to go!

  1. Brainstorm – This is the fun part! Sit down with your kiddos or your spouse and brainstorm all the fun, classic, zany or regional summer activities you want to do! If you are only going to live in your hometown for a certain amount of time, summer is a great time to check out the national and state parks that are close by or enjoy amusement or water parks near your house. Your checklist items can be as elaborate or as simple as your family wants and your budget allows. One of our checklist items is finding a local creek to play in, and let’s be honest, it will probably be our three-year-old’s favorite activity.
  2. Seriously, write it down! – Sure, it can be easy to just say you have some ideas in your head, but if you write it down and stick it on your fridge, you have a constant reminder to make the most of the summer with your kids!
  3. Invite your friends in on the fun – Challenge your friends and family to create their own list or to at least join in on your list. What’s the worst that can happen? You make a few memories and see some new places!
  4. Set aside no-screen hours/days – Now, don’t get us wrong, we love Sid the Science Kid just as much as the next person, but with all the sunshine and great weather, make sure your kids don’t spend their whole summer staring at a TV or iPad. Vegging out in front of the TV definitely has it’s place, but just don’t let it suck all your time up! That’s why a summer checklist is so important in the first place.
  5. Don’t forget to take a few pictures – With all the fun you’ll be having, be sure you snap a few photos to remember everything you did with your kids and share the fun times with your family who is far away! When grandparents aren’t with you, they love seeing their grandkids having fun! But remember, don’t spend your entire summer just documenting, enjoy the moment, too!

So, what’s on your summer checklist? Have you made one in the past? We want to hear from you at themovingmom@gmail.com!

-by Emily Robertson

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