Tales of Moving while pregnant


Being pregnant and moving can be two of the most busy or stressful times of your life, and when they fall at the same time… oh boy (or girl!) you could be in for quite the ride! Check out what our bloggers and readers experienced in such a unique time of their lives!

Lacy Robinson, Moving Mom reader

At the beginning of March, Joe, my husband, came home with “an important question to ask me”.  I was so confused  and thought ‘okay, what’s going on?’  He had been offered a transfer to another project four hours away in Memphis, but there was one small catch:  the wife in this situation (ME!) was six months pregnant. Upon getting this bit of information, I thought: Is this a good career move for my husband? Because, well, he’s the bread winner in this family. My second thought was: Will I be able to find a midwife & doula that will work with me at this point in my pregnancy? Joe seemed excited about this opportunity so that night I *with some definite giddiness* started looking at doctors and doulas in the Memphis area. I realized my dreams of having a midwife & a hospital-setting birth would not happen because of Tennessee & Mississippi laws stating that midwives are not allowed to practice in hospitals. That was a huge bummer to me. I then went on my search for doulas thinking one of them would have a doctor to recommend.  I ended up finding an obstetrician/doula pair that worked together a lot. Alright, let’s get this move to Memphis going STAT.  And then the next month flew by.

Upon giving the heads up that it was go time, the home search really began. If you’re a seasoned mover, you probably have your method of finding houses down to a science. I began browsing through rental sites & Craigslist and ended up finding a real estate connection who helped us find the perfect rental. It’s best to sit down and write all of your needs first, especially when you are pregnant, so you know exactly what you’re looking for. House, apartment, duplex, townhome? In the city or in a suburb? Close to the job or close to civilization?  What amenities do you need?  Is it close to the doctor and hospital? 

Fast forward to end of April and we finally settled into our new home in a cute neighborhood with a community pool. Hey, I’ve got my priorities, people!  We’ve traveled to Arkansas, Kansas City a few times, and Iowa for baby showers and last minute family visits before baby gets here. To say we are exhausted and relieved traveling is over is an understatement.  Joe’s drive to work is only 30 minutes and I’m only 20 minutes from the hospital and doctor.  I am very blessed that we have these opportunities to travel even if it means having short notice and moving while 6 months pregnant.

Emily Shedek, co-founder of The Moving Mom

In August 2010, my husband and I moved from Kansas City, Missouri to a small town in east Tennessee for his job. I was 6 months pregnant with our first child. This is my journal account from that time:

Tom drove his work truck and pulled the U-Haul trailer all the way to Morristown, Tennessee. Hector (our beta fish who was our baby before Addison was born) and I followed him in the Jeep, which was packed tighter than it probably should have been. Hector had the pleasure of riding inside a plastic container that I secured in the cup holder. We covered it with plastic wrap and poked a few holes before heading on our way. He sloshed a little over the pot holes and bridges but managed to hang on like a real trooper.

Much to Tom’s dismay, I documented our road trip while I was driving. He said it wasn’t safe to take photos while cruising down the highway but I got a little bored since we spent more than 12 hours in the car on Monday.

Needless to say, my pregnancy made our very long trip across the country even longer for a few reasons. My doctor told me to stop every 2 hours to stretch and help my circulation. And the baby is a big fan of punching my bladder, so we had to make frequent bathroom stops along the way. And of course I was hungry and having ridiculous cravings. In fact, at one point we were flying down the highway in Kentucky and I felt like I was getting a little delirious. I looked up and saw a sign on the back of a truck in front of Tom’s vehicle that read “Funnel Cakes.” It appeared like a mirage in the mountains. I picked up my cell phone and called Tom. “No,” he said. Um, how about “Hello?” Apparently he knows my pregnant ways too well! I begged him to help me carjack the Funnel Cake truck but he denied me the satisfaction and told me to keep driving.

At long last, we crossed into Tennessee. It turns out that the drive as a whole was not too bad except for the last two hours. Once we hit the mountains, the roads started really twisting and turning and I was pretty much ready to be finished. About 15 minutes from our new home we drove past a beautiful lake tucked between the mountains and I started to get excited. Then we pulled into our condo complex and started the mad dash to unpack. Our friends, Joe and Yliana, came over and helped us get the big items out of the trailer and into our condo. We put a stressed but very much alive Hector on the mantle after they left and Tom put our bed together quickly. We passed out for about 10 hours. Much deserved!

Emily Robertson, co-founder of The Moving Mom

I was around 18 weeks pregnant when we made the drive from our home in Denver to our new home in Kansas and the 12 hour road trip was marked by three big areas since I was pregnant: caffeine, blood clots and bathroom breaks.

Caffeine: I took the first shift of driving at 4 a.m. and oh my word, did I miss my big, delicious cup of fully-caffeinated coffee. Usually the whole “avoid caffeine” rule doesn’t mess me up too much during pregnancy, but on that morning, I wished I could have the caffeine pumped into my veins.

Blood clots: At my last appointment with my doc before our road trip, she spent a considerable amount of time reminding me of the threat of blood clots when you are pregnant. Every couple hours I would lovingly look over at my husband and ask if we could pull over. Then my two-year-old and I would do a mini-marathon around the parking lot. I can only imagine what the other drivers thought as we jogged around the gas pumps and did the electric slide through the Quick Mart.

Bathroom breaks: Oh, so many bathroom breaks. And as we were closing in on our last couple hours of the drive, my poor husband longingly reminded me about the days of long ago when we used to road trip for hours without even thinking about a stop. Yeah… not anymore buddy!

But, we made it and I think that our little girl is even more tough since she experienced a move inside my belly. At least she was indoctrinated into our lifestyle from the VERY beginning!


Any crazy stories that you have had from moving while pregnant? If so, we want to hear them! Email us at themovingmom@gmail.com


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