A Mother’s Day Wish List {For Moving Moms}

Happy Mother’s Day Week, Moving Moms! You live a life that not everyone could handle, so you deserve to be honored! For all the packing, road trips, unpacking, meeting new people, helping your kiddos get adjusted and rolling with it all, YOU ARE AWESOME! So, in honor of Mother’s Day, we decided to come up with the ultimate Mother’s Day wish list for Moving Moms! They might not be things you could ACTUALLY receive this week, but a girl can dream, can’t she? Here’s the list and be sure to let us know what you would add to the list!

A spa day with your bestie that happens to live halfway across the country – Sure, us gals don’t easily turn down ANY spa day, but a chance to get pampered WHILE we chat with our girlfriend who we don’t get to see nearly enough would be unbelievable! A little peace and quiet is always appreciated, but the only thing better than that is an afternoon filled with laughter, fun and lots of needed girl time.

A nice meal at your favorite local restaurant that just happens to be in another city far away – You know, that one restaurant that is only in your hometown or the town you used to live in long ago! You rave about their food to anyone who will listen and can still describe your favorite dish to perfection. It may just be because you can’t actually go to the restaurant as often as she would like, but a lunch or dinner from that special restaurant would really hit the spot!

A whole day with your own mama – For those of us that live far from our families, nothing can be harder than spending a Mother’s Day away from your own mom. There’s a whole different way you look at the holiday once you are a mom, so sometimes, you just want to hug your own mom and say “Thank you so much for putting up with me and everything I put you through!” (or is that just us?) Not to mention, thank you for teaching me more about motherhood than anyone else ever could and for giving me pep talks when I feel defeated and a kick in the rear when I fail to give my all. Just a few hours together on Mother’s Day would be so precious!

A local map download – As far as we know, this technology does not exist – but this is a WISH list, so lets go crazy. We wish we could wake up on Mother’s Day with a database of local geographical information… in our brain. No scrambling to find a park’s address on a website and then frantically entering it into the car’s GPS system while children scream and minutes tick away – just KNOWING where stuff is in your town! Better yet…. in your grocery store! What’s that? Looking for breakfast cereal? Try aisle 6 on the left. Boom!

Mom’s night out with your “inner circle” – Do you remember those girls who stood beside you on your wedding day but who you’ve barely seen since then? How about your best friend from the last job site or military post? Or the one before that? Well, we think it’d be pretty amazing on Mother’s Day if we could have a Mom’s night out for cocktails and dessert (who really wants to waste calories on salad, anyway?) with our “inner circle” of trusted friends who are scattered all over the country, or maybe even the world.

A one day beach getaway – Ok, we admit it, we would actually take a whole lot longer than just one day. But a one-day escape to the beach to relax and stick our toes in the sand would really make us pretty darn happy. Maybe you can turn up the heat, put your swim suit on, turn on some tropical island tunes and fill the bathtub with sand. Your kids could at least build a sand castle with you, right?

Your own “village” – When you move a lot, it seems like you are always struggling to cultivate a community around you. You need those people that lean into your family, hang out, help out and love you unconditionally and it usually takes a long time to actually have after each move. Wouldn’t it be amazing if they could just be given to you in some sort of gift package?

All those darn moving stickers *magically* gone from all your items– You know you always find them. They are red, or yellow or multiple colors from multiple stickers and if you’ve moved a few times, they are ALL OVER. And just when you think that you’ve taken them all off, another one pops up. It never ends.

Don’t those all sound WONDERFUL? But hey, brunch and a nap aren’t bad either, right? Happy Mother’s Day!

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