5 fun places to go with kiddos in Denver

My name is Haylie and my family and Imoved to the Denver area 2 years ago. During the moving transition we lived in a hotel for 2 months and that’s where we met Moving Mom co-founder Emily Robertson and her awesome family. We quickly became great friends because we have boys the same age and both liked to get out and do things! So here is a list of things I love to do with my kids around Denver. And please comment with your favorites and let us know your favorite kid-friendly spots in Denver! We’re always looking for more places to try!

The Denver Zoo

The zoo is probably our favorite place to go in Denver. We have season passes and go at least once a month. My favorite thing about the zoo is that even though we’re walking around seeing the same animals, we always have a new exciting experience. One day it may be the sea lions putting on a show or the tiger jumping up on a cage or the monkeys swinging around. The zoo is a giant loop and you can spend as much or as little time there as you’d like. There are great food options and a bunch of large grassy areas if you want to bring a picnic and sit on the lawn (BONUS: outside food is allowed – just watch out for the geese!). They also have some fun events throughout the year like Boo at the Zoo for Halloween and Zoo Lights in the winter.

Bonus Tip: Avoid free days, they’re crazy busy. The mornings tend to be a lot busier too from my experience, and there are often large groups on field trips walking around. We like to go after naps, in the 3-6pm range, when it’s much less crowded.

Denver Museum of Nature and Science

This one is fun for all ages! They have an awesome “Discovery Zone” that is designed specifically for kids age 3 to 5, but has lots in it for older and younger siblings as well. They have a Dinosaur Gulch area where kids can dig to look for fossils, and music classes with different kinds of drums for the kids to learn about and play with. My son’s favorite was the water play area. They have aprons for the kids to wear and  a fun water feature that the kids can stick their hands in and play. The Discovery Zone is geared toward kids but there are a lot of other places in the museum that the children like as well, including the Wildlife Halls with the large statues of animals. Adults and children will both enjoy this place!

Broomfield Paul Derde Rec Center

Many suburbs in Denver have their own recreation center for their residents. This recreation center is not the one that is closest to us but it is definitely worth the drive in my opinion. The facility is very new and clean and has so many things to offer for all ages. The indoor pool is, of course, our favorite. They have two large water slides and a full children’s area that is always available for kiddos. But our favorite thing about the pool is the family hot tub. My kids always get blue lips and chattering teeth when we go swimming, so it’s super nice to have the family hot tub to go warm up in. The rec center also offers a fun indoor play area that is free to kids 3 and under, and a fun free place to take the kids in the winter when we are blanketed with snow. For older kids they have a rock climbing wall and open gym hours. I highly recommend checking it out!

Anythink Libraries

The Anythink Libraries here are amazing! They offer a bunch of fun classes for kids and their facilities are very nice and well taken care of. They have awesome children’s areas and rotate out the toys every few months so little ones have new fun things to play with whenever they come to the library. There are always a bunch of librarians who are happy to help in any way, and I have seen people there wiping down the children’s books which makes the germaphobe in me very happy! They have a great area for teens and a fun outdoor space for the kids to play in as well.

Bonus Tip: Make sure to sign up for any classes online ahead of time, they do fill up!

Water World

In the summer, Water World is a must do. This is one of the largest family water parks in America and is great for kids of all ages (and even adults)! They, of course, have the huge awesome water slides, but also a wave pool and many other fun kid areas. We took my son there when he was 15 months and we were surprised at how many different kid-friendly areas there were that he could enjoy. It’s open the last weekend in May until Labor Day, parking is free, and you can bring a picnic in with you!

Bonus Tip: Look up deals online before you go. I’ve frequently seen deals for $10 off if you bring a specific soda can, donate to a food drive or purchase the tickets from a particular store. Worth checking into before you go!

A few other places worth checking out:
Hammond candy factory
Children’s Museum of Denver
Dinosaur Ridge
Butterfly Pavilion

Any places you would add? What are your favorite places for kids in Denver?

Haylie Weston is originally from Utah, but currently lives in Colorado with her hubby, Chris (they’ve also lived in California and Oregon!) She is a pharmacist-turned-stay-at-home mom who loves spending her days with her two kiddos: Sawyer and Autumn. She also loves crafting (whenever she can find the time!) Check out her awesome creations here

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