5 easy ways you can support your fellow Moving Mom

I just had one of those weekends where when you think back on it, you have to smile! It was full of sunshine and blue skies, but more than that, it was also full of spending time with some amazing ladies from all parts of my life here in the town we’ve lived in for about a year and a half. And then it hit me, when life is full of positive,uplifting and supportive women, this craziness of moving and transitions can really be a whole heck of a lot easier. So as I reflected on my weekend, I thought of a few simple things we can all do to be supportive Moving Moms to those around us! They are so easy, I promise:

  1. Celebrate each other – When family is far away, sometimes friends have to step in to celebrate the big occasions in life! A bachelorette party, wedding or baby shower or even a birthday are all big deals, especially in a woman’s life, and it feels really neat when someone recognizes that. Gather some girlfriends together and celebrate those ladies around you! I guarantee it will mean the world to those women!
  2. Have dinner together – Our whole family gathered at a girlfriend’s house this weekend for a casual barbeque and it was amazing! Just to have the chance to sit outside (don’t you just LOVE spring?!), eat together and, simply, live life together is so wonderful. You might not know someone and their family super well, but sharing a meal together can definitely bring you so much closer. And it really doesn’t have to be anything fancy. Some burgers, a salad and a store-bought cherry with ice cream pie equals a perfect night in my book!
  3. Swap babysitting – Do you dread the doctor’s office or grocery store because you know you will most likely have a child melting down at some point? I’d go out on a limb and say you are not alone in this. Offer to trade babysitting with a friend as a way to make life easier on you all. It is a simple thing that can help someone out so much (especially when there just isn’t family close by to help!)
  4. Organize a gathering – If you have several wives in your area that may all be tied to a certain company that moved you there, or maybe a certain military base, organize an event to help the ladies in the area get to know each other. It could be a simple brunch at your house, or you could even see if the company that all your families are tied to may offer to help organize something. The company my husband works for is SO supportive of these types of spouse events and it makes a HUGE difference. When spouses can meet other spouses who are in a similar situation, it makes you feel like you aren’t the only one out there dealing with hard transitions.
  5. Offer an ear to listen – If nothing else, a new friend (or old friend, for that matter) may really just need someone who will listen, not judge and be sincere. Life in transition is tough and can bring about so many weird emotions and fears. Offering to be a sounding board and an eager listener may mean everything to someone who is having a bad day (or month!)

Is there anything you’d add to the list? We LOVE hearing how you uplift and support your fellow Moving Moms! Email us your ideas at themovingmom@gmail.com!

-by Emily Robertson

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