The Moving Mom is getting a facelift!

is gettinga faceliftIt’s been exactly a year since the creators of the Moving Mom blog committed to building an online space for gypsy mamas like ourselves! We launched last June and since then, we have slowly built a community of women who may have a lot differences but they all relate to the relocating lifestyle!

Since our site is nearly a year old, we decided it’s time to start thinking about our future. And maybe even some cyber Botox and fillers! So in the near future, you’ll see some design changes on the blog! We hope to improve the functional aspects of the site, make things more visually appealing and add new features that will be both useful and entertaining! If there is something you’d like to see, or see more of, let us know! We want to make this site the best it can possibly be and that can only happen with your input!

We’re also looking for guest writers and a more permanent writer to contribute to the site. So if you or someone you know likes to write and get published, contact us at Our writers are not paid but we are happy to include links to their personal blogs or other projects that they may be involved in. Feel free to pitch your own topic ideas or we can assign you one!

As always, we appreciate your support of our site and hope everyone had a great Easter weekend! Get ready, the future looks bright for The Moving Mom!



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