Alternative Easter Basket Ideas {Girls Edition}

Between Christmas, Valentine’s Day and Easter, kiddos are on a sugar high for four months straight! But, as we get closer to Easter, you have to figure out some fun things you can use to fill an Easter basket or two (or more!) So, we thought we could find some fun Easter basket ideas that don’t include sugary, chocolate-filled candy! Check them out and click on the pictures to learn more about the items:


Books are ALWAYS a great gift and little ones benefit so much by being read to and learning to read themselves! We all know that! So, why not throw in a few great books for Easter! We’ve included a few of our favorites and some fun seasonal options too:




Play-Doh is perfect for kids of all ages and there are so many fun kits you can find where they can use Play-Doh to make all kinds of things! You can even find Play-Doh that comes in egg-shaped containers-perfect for Easter!


Toys that encourage building and creating

Toys that get kids thinking and learning are always great ideas! GoldieBlox and Roominate are two toys that are designed specifically for girls to build and learn all about science and engineering! They have several different kits and all kinds of structures for kiddos to create!


Handmade Dolls

These dolls are made by a sweet mama who guest blogged for us last year (you can check out her awesome post here!) She created these sweet fabric dolls and has recently began selling them online! We think they are just the cutest and would be SO perfect for a little one’s Easter basket! And you can also order a customized doll, if you’d like! Check out her shop for all the doll options!


Just in time for April Showers… Rain Boots

Rainboots may not have always been a fun idea for a gift, but now they come in SO many cool, fun colors and patterns that we think they would make the perfect basket item, or you could go ahead and make them THE basket for this year and fill them with everything else on this list!


Art Supplies

Arts and craft supplies are great at home but also for any kind of traveling that your family has to do. And these will help keep kiddos entertained if you have to bring them along to doctor’s appointments or meetings. For their Easter basket, you can get fun egg-shaped crayons!


Fun Stationary

Especially if you live far away from friends and family, it is important to teach your kiddos about making an effort to stay connected! And while it may be easy to Facetime or send an email, some old-fashioned snail mail can mean a lot! What better way to get them writing then with some cute stationary? Here are a few options:


Get ’em outside gifts

The arrivals of spring and Easter usually coincide and the weather begins to slowly get warmer. So, no better time to give some fun outdoor activities to get rid of the cabin fever. Outdoor toys, bug catchers and camping supplies all get kids excited to be outside!



-by Emily Robertson


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