6 easy ways to have Leap Day fun!

Leap Days only roll around once every four years, so we figured, no matter where you live, that’s cause to celebrate! And since it isn’t really a holiday with set traditions, you can make up your own fun, silly ones to have with your kiddos! We came up with a few simple “leaping-themed” ideas that you would probably have the supplies for in your home already! But, we want to hear any other crafts, activities, food ideas or things you think of!  It’s a bonus day in the year, you might as well take advantage of it and have a little silly, family fun! Here’s our ideas:

  1. Bunny Pancakes – This is an idea that is usually associated with Easter, but we say that rabbits are some of the best leapers we know, so start the morning off with a fun breakfast! You can try to make the pancake in the shape of the bunny face or the cute little bunny tail, or you can end up with a pile of pancakes shaped like blobs, and no one will really care because they get to eat pancakes! (And if breakfast goes well, you can always try to sneak in some carrots at lunch and tell your kids they have to eat their “bunny food.” We aren’t going to make any promises, though!)
  2. Make a Frog craft – We pulled out some green construction paper, scissors, glue and some markers and went to town. You can definitely keep it as simple or make it as fancy and educational as you would like (or have the patience for with a preschooler!) We pinned some cute ideas on our Pinterest page if you need more inspiration!
  3. A little fun learning – If you have some eager learners, ask them what animals they think of when they hear the word “leap” and then look up some fun, educational Youtube clips about those animals! Or maybe find some clips with a song about that specific animal! It never hurts to learn a little something new on a fun, made-up holiday!
  4. Create a giant card – Like we said earlier, Leap Day isn’t really a holiday, and the store is not going to be full of Leap Day cards, so why not make your own GIANT “Happy Leap Day!” card on your driveway! Bust out the sidewalk chalk and have you kiddos draw bunnies, frogs, kangaroos and whatever other animal that they think of when they hear the word “leap!” If the weather is decent, and your kids love to draw, this could be a whole afternoon activity! Plus, your neighbors will definitely smile when they see your huge “card” for the rest of the week (or until it rains!)
  5. Play a classic outside game – If your kiddos have never played a game of leap frog or hopscotch, today is the day to get them “leaping!” Also, these are great games to invite any neighbor friends to join in on! You can even make either game a little educational by tying in number or letter recognition!
  6. Make a “Happy Leap Day” cake – Is there ever a reason to NOT have cake? We don’t think so! Bring on the icing and sprinkles and have a fun treat for after dinner! Then once you are finished, head outside and do some more leaping to work off all that sugar!

There you have it! Just some easy ideas to make a few memories on a day we don’t have very often! And if you have some pictures of how your family spent the day, send them to us at themovingmom@gmail.com!


-Emily Robertson

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  1. ortal kaslassi says:

    Leap Day is always great! Gives you that extra day you need to either check off your to do list, or spend it with family and friends!

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