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In a lifestyle of moving, it can be darn near impossible to keep a constant job! All of us who move for a spouse’s job are constantly trying to find a balance of family and career, even in a world where it is difficult. One popular and growing option is working in direct sales. When you used to just think of one of two companies that offer direct sales, now there are so many companies with so many different products and services! We thought we’d check in with a few Moving Moms who make direct sales work for them.

Sarah McCoy
Company: DoTerra Essential Oils

“I first was introduced to DoTerra purely because I was desperate,” Sarah said. “My oldest son had a skin condition we had been battling for two years and my son has a compromised respiratory system. We were in the hospital literally every month. I was desperate. And a friend suggested I use oils. Ha! Ridiculous. Until I saw drastic improvements. We now use essential oils in every area of our life.”

Sarah was not looking to start a business with DoTerra, but now that she is involved, she knows she was made for it. Sarah’s husband’s career requires that their family moves every few years, so she was growing weary of the constant job search. With a degree in communications, a Master’s degree in education and a passion for health, DoTerra was a great fit for Sarah. Now, she is able to stay home with her children, build a career that has helped her pay for her children’s private schooling and move her business wherever her family goes.

“Direct Sales has been so amazing for our lifestyle,” Sarah said. “I teach classes in my home, yoga studios, friend’s houses and online. I’m so thankful for this! It’s been such a fun journey and I’m thankful it can continue wherever we live.”

Sarah offers a few key questions to consider before you jump into the world of direct sales with a certain company:

-Does the company fit with your lifestyle?
-Do you agree with their mission and ethics?
-Is their product NEEDED? Are the products useable or will you buy one and never need more?
Is the company making a positive impact on the world?

For more information on DoTerra, check out Sarah’s Facebook page.

Jackie Schiegner
Company: Advocare

“I got involved through another friend who had 2 children and had lost all her baby weight and was feeling great after taking the products,” Jaclyn said. “My husband actually was the one who decided to do his first cleanse at the end of my first pregnancy and he had great results so we wanted to share them with our family who also struggled with energy and weight.”

Jaclyn loves working with Advocare because she says the company is all about helping people reach their goals through a healthy lifestyle. Plus, her family is able to make some extra money!

“I have not put much effort into spreading my business yet since I’ve been focusing on growing my family and settling into our new town at the moment, but I’ve been a sales rep for exactly 2 years now,” Jaclyn said. “Even with not promoting myself as often as some, I still have been able to share these products with my family and my husband’s family, plus several friends and so far I have yet to have a customer not love what they got out of it!”

Jaclyn loves the fact that with direct sales, your address doesn’t matter, and actually moving can help grow your business by expanding the people in your life.

“Our company mails products direct to the consumer, so all my customers have to do is sign into their account, place their order, and three to five days later, the products are at their door,” Jaclyn said. “We also do most of our coaching over the phone, so that’s just another way that I can help people from anywhere.”

Jaclyn offers a bit of advice for anyone considering working through a direct sales business:

“Be cautious. There are definitely some areas that are not as profitable and some companies that push you to run your business a certain way that can make you uneasy. The great companies leave most of the details in your hands, because after all, it is your business to run.”

Check out more about Jaclyn’s business and the products that Advocare offers here!

Kim Wells
Company: Beachbody

I decided to make some big changes in my health and fitness while we were trying to get pregnant with our third baby,” Kim said. “Along the way, a friend of mine reached out to me asking if I had considered trying Beachbody programs and/or coaching. It was a really natural transition, as I have the opportunity to help others while keeping focused on my health and fitness.”

Kim loves that the things she loves to do to take care of herself – exercising daily, eating well, personal development and growth – are now all a part of her business. She also loves that she can now have adult interaction (she’s the mom of three little boys!) that is built into her business through coaching and accountability groups. And then on top of that, she gets to earn an income (and perks like retreats and international travel) that helps her family, all while being on her own schedule.

“I love this opportunity because no matter what, the time and money I’m putting into it is helping improve my health and my life in general,” Kim said. “There is definitely an opportunity to earn a decent income – ranging from extra gas and grocery money to six (or more) figure incomes. It does take time, as it depends on expanding your network and helping others see the value in the products and programs. I have been coaching for 19 months, which included a high risk pregnancy and a very quick out of state move.  Throughout that time I have had no problem making enough to pay for the products and programs that me and my husband use – and also help with groceries and fun money. This is all while balancing life as a stay-at-home mom to three boys ages five and under and really working very part-time. As I continue to learn and grow my business the income potential grows, which is really exciting!”

Kim feels empowered to have a job that challenges her to work on being healthier, stronger, more confident and helping her to be more honest about her struggles and fears, and she loves that she gets to connect with others through it all. But there are a few things to consider before you jump in, according to Kim:

“Do your research,” Kim said. “Make sure you truly believe in the products and company you represent. Look at sales requirements, penalties, contracts. I made my decision because the risk was VERY low.  There aren’t sales minimums or other scary stuff – I get to work my business as much or as little as I want, and in the way that fits ME. As I mentioned before, any money I’m putting in I’m getting something of value out of it.  Also, be realistic with your expectations. Most real, valid opportunities will NOT get you rich quick.”

For more information on Kim and her business, check out her Facebook page and her website.

– By Emily Robertson


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    I love reading the articles in here. But is getting involved in sales something you have to love doing? or something you can learn to love? I always think of “sales” as the sales person in the store trying to convince you to buy something. I hate convincing someone to buy something that im not sure will fit their lifestyle. what do you guys think?

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