How moving helped me find my love {Part 2}

Happy Day After Valentine’s Day, Moving Moms! Phew… what a weekend! All the flowers, cards, special meals, candy and love… SO MUCH LOVE! Even if you aren’t a fan of Valentine’s Day, everyone loves LOVE! So, when we called for moving love stories a few weeks ago, we had so many awesome responses that we decided to share even more today! Check out these sweet stories and share the love today!

Couple #1: Kari and James

Kari 1

Kari had criss-crossed the world living all over by the time she was working in Norway and met James. James, who grew up in the southern United States, had just transferred to the European offices in his company and his work brought him to Norway for a project that Kari worked for locally.

“My desk was located in the downstairs back corner of a trailer where there were plenty of other unoccupied desks, so James would sit down by me whenever he came to Norway,” Kari said. “We connected over music. I like to listen to music while I work, and he is quite the music aficionado.”

After some missed messages and awkward conversations, the two realized their mutual interest and dated in Norway for more than a year. After moving to Holland and Germany together, the two married in Norway two and a half years later. After marrying, the two moved once again to Vancouver, Canada, where they had two sons. Now their family lives in North Carolina and Kari hopes they can give their sons a lifestyle she never knew.

“It feels nice to have settled for a while,” Kari said. “We don’t plan on making any moves in the foreseeable future. We want to give our sons a sense a roots and belonging, as I never had.”

And Kari has some great advice for those looking at a new adventure of any sort.

“You’ve got to be in it to win it,” Kari said. “I have found one piece of advice to be true, ‘It’s easier to regret something you have done rather than something you didn’t do, because you never know what might come of it.’”

Couple #2: Andrea and Paul

Andrea and Paul’s love was made possible by a hospital trip and a few amazingly fateful moves by both of them.

When they met, Andrea was working at a hospital in Kansas as a pre-physical therapy student preparing to move to graduate school at the University of Southern California. Paul was working at a construction project in California and had traveled to Kansas City for a work meeting. During a night out with some friends, Paul fell and badly hurt his leg, which meant he was rushed to the very same hospital where Andrea was working. He underwent surgery and after he recovered a bit, he needed some help with his cruthes: enter Andrea. The two chatted about Paul living in California, and Andrea moving there, but then they both went on their way. Andrea assumed Paul had left the hospital until a few days later, she saw him hobbling down the hallway.

“Paul was nearly out of breath as he approached me and handed out a piece of paper with his phone number and name on it,” Andrea said. ” He said he was going to be in KC for awhile at the District Office and to give him a call if I had any questions about California or if I wanted to get together once I moved there.”

After awhile, Andrea finally called Paul and after a few more calls, they were on their first date (with Paul still on crutches.) The two continued to date while Andrea was in school in California, and just as she finished up and prepared to move to Kansas City, Paul found out he would be transferred to Kansas City, too.

The two married in 2007 and then moved again to Iowa. Together, after Iowa, the two have moved to Mt. Carmel, Tennessee, Chattanooga, Houston and Maryland and have had two children, a son and a daughter. And Andrea has a great outlook on their sometimes unpredictable life.

“Keep an open heart and follow your gut,” Andrea said. “Things happen for a reason and sometimes when everything falls into place….you just have to go with it!”

Couple #3: Jill and Jeff

Jill, from New Jersey, and Jeff, from Michigan, both had to make a move if they were going to find each other. Thankfully, they both made their way to Maryland.

After graduating college, Jill worked briefly at a bar and on one of her nights off, her coworker texted her and urged her to come up to work.

“She texted me saying that there were three cute guys at our bar, and that I should come hang out with her while she worked, and meet the guys,” Jill said. “When I got there, I wasn’t super interested, so I sat at the bar doing crossword puzzles. One guy, my future husband, came over to try and help me with the puzzle.”

The two clicked and went onto get married and have two sons. Together the couple has lived in two locations in Houston and two locations in Fort Worth and they have just purchased their first home together.

“The hardest part of us traveling so much is living away from our families, having to make new friends every time we move and having to reestablish ourselves,” Jill said. “I grew up in the same house and town from birth to fifth grade, then spent sixth grade through high school in our ‘new house’ just one town over. Moving this much is still new to me, but it gets much easier. I’ve learned to save our cardboard boxes, and part with unnecessary stuff.”

Couple #4: Rachel and Adam

Rachel, a speech pathologist, always had the idea that she might like the adventure of moving away from her hometown of Charleston, S.C., where she grew up and even attended college and graduate school, but didn’t know how she would actually do it. Then she met Adam, an Air Force pilot, and the two began dating and actually were engaged within a month in 2011 and married in 2012. Last July, with daughter Eloise in tow, the couple made their first military move together to Honolulu, Hawaii (we are so jealous!)

“It still comes as a shock to me that I have moved to a state the farthest away from my home state,” Rachel said. “I’m really surprised by how easily I have made this move.”

Familiar faces helped make the transition a bit easier since a few Air Force families from South Carolina had already made the move to Hawaii.

“We have continued to make new friends here on the Air Force base and it has simply made all the difference,” Rachel said.

by Emily Robertson

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