How moving helped me find my love {Part 1}

Happy Valentine’s Day, Moving Moms! Love is in the air! It is the season of cute cards, pretty flowers and those delicious, addictive Reese’s hearts! Yum! We thought there was no better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day than by finding people who met their loves because of moving! How fun is that? Check out our first batch of adorable couples and see how without moving and experiencing a new place, these lovebirds may not have found each other. And be sure to check back on Monday for even more love stories!

Couple #1: Jennifer and Mike

In 2005, Jennifer, who is from southern California, lived in San Diego, where she worked as a traveling nurse. Mike had just graduated from college in Ohio and moved to San Diego with a large industrial contractor.

“We met at the Miramar air show in 2005,” Jennifer said. “He was standing in line in front of me at the port-a-potty and I told him he had nice legs. He did a double-take. We started chit-chatting and then started walking around the air show.”

Just as moving had brought them together, two weeks after meeting, Mike had to move halfway across the country to Michigan. Despite the distance, the couple continued to make their relationship work, with Jennifer even taking a job in the Midwest to be closer to Mike. In 2007, they were married in the same town where they met. Now, after being married eight years and having twin girls, Olivia and Brooke, and moving to Kansas City, Texas, Chicago and Kentucky, these lovebirds say moving still plays a huge part in their lives.

“We are always on a vacation because we are always exploring new cities,” Jennifer said. “We especially love anywhere along the coast and the southeast.”

Couple #2: Amanda and Steve

Amanda grew up in Michigan. After graduating from college, she worked at a bank and was set up with her future husband by a coworker whose significant other worked with Steve.

“I remember my coworker telling me that she moved often and I remember saying ‘man, that must stink,'” Amanda said. “Little did I know that would be me in a year.”

Amanda and Steve started dating and instantly hit it off. They were engaged after just three months of dating and were married after ten months. And true to a moving lifestyle, they moved just three months after their wedding.

The couple have now made three moves together and have a daughter. Amanda says she could not be happier with the way life has worked out.

“I honestly love to move and I know Steve has enjoyed living in different places,” Amanda said. “I think getting to have these experiences together makes our relationship stronger. Even though living away from family can sometimes be difficult, it has made us so much closer as we have learned to lean more on each other when we can’t just go home. It has also helped us become more outgoing and welcoming. We have met some really amazing people and developed wonderful friendships thanks to moving. We now have “family” all over the country!”

Couple #3: Jenny and Ryan

Jenny and Ryan’s love story began in Norway, although neither of them is Norwegian. Jenny is from the Philippines and Ryan is from the United States.

“I like to say our union started with both of us compromising already since we met half way around the world,” Jenny said. “I was working then as an au pair while he was on job assignment for a construction management firm.”
After Ryan met Jenny, he asked her out and after some persistence, she finally agreed.
“We dated and discovered Norway together,” Jenny said. “We roamed around other European countries as well, like Greece. Despite how different we are culturally, we realized how much we have fun together and how many things we love to do together!”
After Ryan proposed and the two were married, he jetted off for an assignment in Saudi Arabia and left his new bride back in the U.S. (jobless, in the process of filing for a green card and living with her in-laws). Now, after nearly seven years of marriage, and a four-year-old son, they have called Louisiana, Georgia and now Pennsylvania home.
“We are kind of addicted to the thrill of moving now,” Jenny said. “We love to discover new things, new food, new places. We are out most weekends driving to places we used to just see on TV or read about in books. Traveling is one of those priceless things in life and we feel very blessed that we get to discover the country as much as we can.”

Couple #4: Pegah and Brock

Pegah, originally from Iran, grew up in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.

“My life prior to meeting Brock consisted of traveling the world whenever I had a chance and meeting new people,” Pegah said. “I have family all around the world, so it is always nice to visit with family while traveling.”
Brock grew up in North Dakota and attended college in Wyoming. Following school, he began work with a large construction firm. Both Pegah and Brock worked for the same company and moved to the same project in North Battleford, Saskatchewan, Canada.
“Brock and I met three months after I moved there,” Pegah said. “We met at a party, dated for two years and got married in Banff National Park in Alberta, Canada.” (Sidenote: it is The Moving Mom’s official position that Banff is one of the most beautiful places on Earth. If you have the chance, GO!)
Together, Brock and Pegah have lived in North Battleford, Calgary, Los Angeles and Kansas City. And while Los Angeles has been Pegah’s favorite place to live, the couple never stops traveling and exploring their favorite vacation spots in Europe and Machu Picchu.
“I definitely believe that experiencing new things in life with your partner makes a relationship stronger and better,” Pegah said. “Relationships grow together, not apart.”
by Emily Robertson

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