7 Ways to decorate without destroying your rental

Many times when you move, you know you aren’t in your forever home (or your dream home7 ways to decorate without destroying your rental) so it can be hard to know how to try and make your style show! And often times, you can’t do many DIY projects in a rental that you could in a house that you purchased. But we’ve found some fun, inexpensive and easy ideas that will give your home a different look, and will still hopefully allow you to get your security deposit back.

  1. Vinyl Wall Clings – Painting walls your desired colors in a rental is not an option. It can be costly and time-consuming and if Bed and birdsyou live in a rental, it may be ruled out in your lease. But that doesn’t mean you have to have plain, walls. A great option is vinyl clings. They come in all kinds of shapes, styles, and sayings. You can even order decor to personalize a room with a name or monogram. When it’s time to pack up and head out, you simply follow the instructions for removing them from the wall and nothing is left behind! But, we have had some experiences where the cling doesn’t come off quite as easy as it states on the package! So, user beware! (We may have had an uncomfortable situation with a landlord who saw damage on a bedroom wall in the shape of an adorable tree!) If you are still brave, check out some options here and here.
  2. Mountable Wall Shelves – We purchased shelves when we first got married thatDSC00630 could easily be put up on a wall and then removed when we moved. They aren’t huge, but they are big enough to place some pictures or smaller artwork on. They’re great because they really do change the look of a big, blank wall. These can be purchased for relatively cheap and work great! Here is a simple but stylish example!
  3. Wall collage or gallery wall – I know… you’ve probably seen a million ideas for a collage wall on Pinterest, and I was skeptical too, but we have one now and I love it! A collage wall is perfect for people who move frequently because you can group together pictures from all different places into one space and make a really eye-catching, interesting display in your house. Plus, it can cover a really large wall. Our collage shows pictures of our wedding and when we lived and traveled in Colorado, includes a frame made from barn wood from the farm my husband grew up on, and our wedding invitation. I get so many compliments about the wall when people come over and I only have to straighten the pictures a few times a week!
  4. Bright colors – It is amazing what the use of some bright, vibrant colors can do for a room. Whether it’s a bedroom with a colorful bedspread, some new, interesting pillows or even some cute art that your kiddos created, people image1will not see the endless white or beige walls if you incorporate fun colors into your rooms. These simple additions can even be changed with the seasons, so that you don’t get bored! (Warning: this will require packing extra decor each time you move, so decorate at your own risk!)
  5. Always have a little piece of something you love – Sure, you may not be able to take your old house with you on each move, but maybe you can take a piece! If you had wallpaper that you loved, or a pretty paint color that you used in your child’s nursery, frame the wallpaper or color and take it with you to each home! You will always have a piece of decor that reminds you of the places you love, without having to recreate it in each house!
  6. Mirror, Mirror – Adding mirrors to any room helps make the room appear bigger and makes any room look brighter! It can be relatively cheap and can always be moved when you relocate!
  7. Temporary Wallpaper – Ok, disclaimer, we have never used this product, but we think it is SO cool and we can’t wait to try it in the future on an accent wall! All the neat style and design options without the horrid, difficult work of actual wallpaper! If you’ve used this product, please let us know what you think! We can’t wait to hear!


Let us know what other ideas you have to make your temporary house feel like home!

-by Emily Robertson

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