Everything you need to know about Moving While Pregnant

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I am super excited to be here today and wanted to start with sharing a little bit about myself. My name is Tara and I am the voice behind the blog, An Aiming High Wife. I am the spouse of an active duty service member, have a beautiful daughter and 2 crazy puppies. My husband and I have called 3 states and 5 different houses “home” in the last 5 years. Moving is a very common practice for us and I am excited to share my tips and tricks for moving while pregnant.

Combining the stress, anxiety, and excitement of moving all while being pregnant can be an overwhelming roller coaster of emotions. It was a little over a year ago, when I was eight months pregnant, standing in the doorway as the moving truck pulled away with all of our belongings, thinking…what have we gotten ourselves into.

Install the Car Seat

Even if it is well before your due date, have the car seat properly installed into your car. The first time installing a car seat can be quite an adventure. It only took us forty-five minutes! However the anxiety that was lifted once that task was done was well worth it!

Organize the Nursery Before the Move

I had the entire nursery set up well before we moved. Some thought I was a little crazy for setting up a nursery that I knew my daughter would not ever sleep in. But having the crib together, clothing washed, and essentials organized made the packing a lot less stressful. By doing it all ahead of time I knew what we had, what we needed, and how everything worked. Once our stuff arrived at the new location and I began unpacking the nursery boxes, everything was already organized. It made unpacking a lot less stressful.

Map Out the Hospitals Along the Route

I assured everyone that asked, “are you worried about moving in your third trimester” and “what if you go into labor”, that I had mapped out all the hospitals in route to our new location. I lied. I meant to map it out, and didn’t realize I hadn’t until we were well on our way. I tried to note what time it was when we passed a blue H hospital sign or what we were close to, just in case. If you’re a planner, I recommend mapping it out ahead of time, but at the very least pay attention during the drive.

Move some of the Baby Stuff With You

If you are using a moving company and there is a possibility that you will arrive before your stuff I highly recommend moving some of the baby stuff on your own. My husband and I made sure to pack a hospital bag for both baby and myself, a few extra outfits, the diaper bag, the car seat and our rock-and-play in my car. That way if our daughter decided the perfect time to enter the world was during the trip or before our stuff arrived, we had all of the first-week essentials.

Lots of Snacks & Pit Stops

Having a bag of snacks and lots of water helped me fight my never-ending battle with morning sickness. Staying hydrated and keeping my blood sugar up also made me a lot less cranky. Also, never miss the opportunity to stop, use the bathroom, and stretch your legs. I learned this one the hard way, during the drive my husband called me from his car asking me if I wanted to stop, that it was the last exit for a while. I said, “nah, I’m good.” I wasn’t good about 30 seconds after we passed that exit. Suddenly I had to use the bathroom, NOW. It was 37 miles to the next exit. 37 miles of me talking to myself trying to convince myself that the urge to pee was a figment of my imagination, that I could hold it, and praying I wouldn’t sneeze. The first exit I saw I took, my husband pulled in behind me laughing, as I parked sideways as close to the door as possible.

Take Your Time Unpacking

Every move in the past we have arrived at our new location and would fight sleep, stay up all night and unpack as much as possible. This time I know it wouldn’t be a marathon unpacking. I would be tired and would need my rest. So for the first time I didn’t push myself to unpack as much as possible. Instead I sat on a comfy chair and directed my husband on what he could do next. Just remember to put your feet up and take it one box at a time, and if you have friends and family available…call in reinforcements!

Keep the End Result in Mind

Try not to lose sight of all the positives that will come out of your move. When we arrived at our new home, the one we rented sight unseen…

We found wallpaper that even my grandmother would shy away from, curtains that could make a grown man cry, the ceiling in the living room dripping, cable lines that were not connected to anything, and hippo wallpaper that nightmares are made of in the 2nd bathroom. Yet that first night we were sitting out on the deck and watching the dogs play in their new yard. They were excited to call a new place home, and I realized everything would work out fine. This was where my daughter would come home to, this would be our first home as a family of three. The house wasn’t perfect, but it was special!

Embrace the Adventure

Make sure you do whatever makes you comfortable during the move, who cares if people think your crazy, you’re pregnant, that is your free pass. There will be ups and downs during the move, but try to embrace the excitement of the new adventures that you will have in your new home. It will be the home you bring your new baby home to, and that makes all the stress of moving worth it in the end!

-By Tara O.

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