16 New Year’s resolutions for 2016 that only Moving Moms understand

New Year's Resolutions (2)As we prepare to bid adieu to 2015, it’s time to usher in a new year filled with promise, hope and a lot of uncertainty. In an effort to take the mystery out of the year to come, we thought we’d share our list of “16 New Year’s Resolutions for 2016 that only Moving Moms Understand” to help you set yourself up for success!

1. I will not have any unopened moving boxes in my home.

2. I will find a gym. And join it. And go to it. And not just sit at the smoothie bar.

strike a pose (1)3. I will not have self-imposed Mommy timeouts in the pantry anymore on nights when my husband is working late and the kids are making me crazy. Or if I do, I will plan accordingly and have wine stashed in there.

4. I will take the moving stickers off of everything in my house. Or if the kids seem bored, I’ll make them do it.

5. I will actually keep in touch with my friends from past posts/locations and not just send them an annual holiday card.

strike a pose (3)6. I will use an actual camera to take photographs that document my kids, our house and the city we are currently live in. And then I will make actual prints of said photographs. In 2017, perhaps I will even make a scrapbook.

7. I will not swear in front of my kids during our upcoming move. Oh yeah, or ever.

8. I will not be bitter about missing friends, not being able to attend weddings and waiting nearly a year to meet “new” babies in my family. I will embrace the lifestyle my family has chosen, or at least try as much as possible.

strike a pose9. I will only wear yoga pants on days that I do yoga. Or, at minimum, I pledge to strike a downward dog pose while wiping the macaroni stains off the floor at lunch time.

10. I will make new traditions for my family. Then I will write them down and put them on my phone’s calendar so I actually remember to carry on the tradition next year.

11. I will make something I pinned on Pinterest. Or hire someone crafty to do it for me. Either way is a win for my home decor.

12. I will only wear maternity clothes if I am pregnant. I will also not use the “no one knows me here” mindset to excuse myself for not showering or applying makeup.

strike a pose (4)13. I will spend fewer hours scrolling through my Facebook feed and creeping on people I rarely see. Instead, I will try to leave my house and meet real life people. (Note to self: Print out emoji flash cards to use when meeting “real people” so they know how I’m feeling).

14. I will make a list of places to visit while we live in this location and actually go to those places. If the places are awesome, I will share it with my friends from The Moving Mom.

15. I will try (really, I will) to find a sitter I trust and will hire in my new hometown! Then, my husband and I can actually go and try a new restaurant without having to tip extra for all the mess my little ones created under the table!

16. I will hang things on my wall so that my new home will actually start to feel like a home! No more bare walls! In fact, I’ll start with my list of resolutions!

What other resolutions would you add to the list? Let us know at themovingmom@gmail.com.

-by Emily Shedek

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