Why Christmas cards bring out the Bah Humbug in my kid

Christmas cardsturn my kid into Debbie Downer

Like many of you, my mailbox has been bursting with Christmas cards in recent days. I love this time of year because it helps me remember friends and family who we may not see very often and who live all over the world. It’s also a chance to see how their families are growing and changing each year.

But this year I realized that the experience is different for my kids. I encourage them to open the cards because they love to get mail (what kid doesn’t?) and see all of the photos. But I noticed my 3-year-old getting a little quiet and even sad some days when we finished opening the holiday cards. When I asked her about it, she explained that she really missed the people in the photographs. I told her I missed them too, but I thought it was fun to see new pictures of them and what they’ve been up to. She seemed rather unimpressed with my advice.

Then yesterday we opened a card from family friends who have a daughter her age. My sensitive little girl burst into tears and confessed that she missed her little buddy terribly, poor thing!

It’s so easy for us as adults to know that we can pick up the phone and call someone who lives far away or Skype them at any moment. But for a toddler trying to process the loss of friends, babysitters and neighbors, Christmas can be a reminder of the all people they have had to leave behind.

So Moving Moms, here’s a reminder for all of us that this time of year is different for everyone! We just need to be sensitive to situations and how  kids may be dealing with recent transitions. And when possible, try to help them reconnect with those people they cherish via phone, mail, video chat or a little vacation visit!

Merry Christmas, from The Moving Mom! We hope you have a wonderful holiday and celebrate with your friends and loved ones!

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