Holiday parties – a chance to reconnect

moving mom marketingLast weekend, the creators of The Moving Mom had the opportunity to take the blog off the screen and share it with… gasp… real people! That’s right, we actually met with some of our readers and shared the site with other gypsies like us at our husbands’ company holiday party.

We want to thank all the lovely ladies who were so warm and receptive to us and to welcome all the new Moving Mom followers! We also want to thank the event organizers from Kiewit who generously allowed us to share information about The Moving Mom during the annual meeting.

Following the festivities, I started to reflect a bit on my experience and thought I’d share my thoughts. For some transient people, there’s an annual military ball to attend. For others, like me, it’s a Christmas party. Whatever it is that brings your core group of people who move together, cherish it.

We’ve been moving for nearly eight years now and dragging two kids along for the ride. Along the way, we’ve cultivated friendships that sometimes feel more like family relationships. Because when you live far from your actual family, you have depend on friends for everything. That means when you’re in labor with baby number two, you call your friend to care for the soon-to-be big sister. Or when it’s the Fourth of July and you live in a foreign country, you gather with American friends for a patriotic celebration. And when your kid has a birthday and none of their aunts, uncles or grandparents can travel to attend they party, your friends show up without hesitation.

The tough part is that companies and branches of the military that require relocation often split up those people who you’ve bonded with. It’s a part of the lifestyle and we all learn to roll with the punches after a few moves. And who knows, if you’re lucky, maybe you’ll end up on a job with your friends again someday or get the same base assignment.

Or you can wait for the holiday party. I remember the first couple years that we attended the annual gathering for my husband’s company and how awkward and self-conscious I felt. Did I strike the right balance of dressy yet professional with my attire? Is it ok for me to order another glass of wine or does that make me look like a lush? Will I ever remember all of these people my husband is introducing me to? Did anyone else snicker like a prepubescent schoolgirl when they referenced lubricants and shafts during the description of that construction job?

This year it was different (except for the juvenile giggling). This year the event felt like a class reunion that I actually wanted to attend. There were lots of familiar faces and plenty of people I needed to catch up with. When you’ve been pregnant at the same time as another woman, you are bonded for life.

The Moving Mom team at the Glam Rock themed holiday party

The Moving Mom team at the Glam Rock themed holiday party

Or when you’ve experienced an obscure part of the world together, you’ll always have memories to look back on and laugh about.

This year, I am so thankful for the experience of my husband’s company holiday party. I may have gotten a little caught up in all the excitement and tried to hang with the new hires and twentysomethings by staying on the dance floor until 1 a.m. But that’s only because the grandparents came to town to watch my kids and I wasn’t going to waste a moment of their generosity!

Do you know about an event in your or your spouse’s industry that lots of Moving Moms attend? Let us know! We’d be happy to send information about our blog and services!

Happy Holidays, Moving Moms!

By Emily Shedek

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