The Moving Mom’s 2015 Gift Guide

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We all focus on our kiddos during the holidays, but sometimes you need to pass along a few gift ideas for yourself! Have no fear, Moving Moms (and Dads!) We have some great ideas for you and other adults that are on the move!

Cork Push Pin Travel Map


This map is a great way to visualize everywhere you have moved or traveled! It is a neat, simple design and kids can help you update it with new push pins! Also, it can be customized with your family name.

Anywhere Travel Guide

This is a fun deck of cards that helps you think outside the box when you are in a new hometown or traveling to a new place! It would be a fun way to make memories as a whole family when you are on the go. These cards will definitely help you embrace adventure and have fun!

SHOLDIT Women’s Wrap Scarf

This infinity scarf is such a brilliant idea! Whether you are traveling with passports and other documents or if you are taking a weekend trip to explore around where you live, this infinity scarf with its hidden pocket helps you keep needed items close and safe!

Adventure Wall Decal


We think any family that moves or travels frequently must always be looking for adventure! This wall cling is the perfect thing to express your sense of adventure in your home! Bonus: if you rent, this is the perfect kind of decor that can be hung up on a wall and then taken down when you move again!

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing

This book is a New York Times bestseller. We figure when you move around all the time, the less clutter, the better! There isn’t much we hate more than unpacking a box of stuff that you haven’t used in years, but you still moved it with you again. This book will help you figure out what to keep (and move) and what to get out of the house!

Ello Syndicate Glass Water Bottle

These bottles are great! Made of glass, but surrounded by a rubber outer shell, this is the bottle to take on the go-in the car, on a hike or just around the house!

2016 American Cities Classic Poster Wall Calendar

Everyone will need a new calendar here in a few weeks, so this is a great one for someone who is always daydreaming about their next trip exploring a new town! We also love this calendar, and this one too!

The Family Traveler’s Handbook

This is the ultimate book for traveling with a family (specifically abroad) and maintaining sanity. It covers safety, schedules, where to go and what to expect! It is written by a mom who has been there, done that! Pick it up and start planning your next trip!

Envirosax Reusable Shopping Bags

Stop looking like a crazy woman armed with an array of freebie shopping bags from every grocery store your family has lived near in the past decade. It’s time to invest in a durable, washable and beautiful reusable bag, like Envirosax. The best part about this item is that it rolls up and snaps in place so you can carry it in your purse and never forget your bags again!

Drop Stop

You may have seen this product on ABC’s show “Shark Tank” (and if you’re like us, then you probably spend more Friday nights watching that show than hitting the club scene these days). The Drop Stop is perfect for people who do long road trips because it fits between your seat and center console and prevents you from dropping things in that dreaded abyss. No more rogue French fries, no more lost change and no more groping for your kid’s pacifier.

Home is Wherever We’re All Together Print

This print just seems to fit the lifestyle of a family that moves. It is the perfect addition to any home you would move to and it would help you remember the most important thing in life, family.

-by Emily Shedek and Emily Robertson

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