Why I’m so thankful for this crazy life

Why I'm thaknkful for this lifeWe talk all the time on this blog about the trials of a transient, moving lifestyle and it definitely can be difficult with the many transitions, new places and new people. But, it can often be easy to forget about all the amazing ways that this kind of life can be so, so good. Today on Thanksgiving, I can’t help but share about the ways I’ve been so thankful for this crazy kind of life.

My husband and I made our first major move together in May of 2009. We moved 10 hours away from our families and friends for him to begin a new position with his company. We were a little scared, but really pretty excited. We had just started to settle into our new home and our new hometown when we got news that changed our lives forever: my husband’s only brother had collapsed and died suddenly. All of the sudden all the thrill and excitement of the new move morphed into utter sadness, loss and a profound sense that we were isolated far from our inner circle. Not a whole lot to be thankful for, right? But, you know what? Now five years later I can see that our move before that horrible event yielded so much for us. Friends who we had met less than a month before suddenly were there for us as though we had known them for our whole lives. People rallied around us and cared for us in such a meaningful and real way. There was so much to truly be thankful for even in the midst of such tragedy.

When you move regularly, you realize that you lean on peopIMG_5421le in different ways than you would normally. You form bonds and put yourself out there in ways that most people would maybe find uncomfortable or awkward and usually you do it a lot faster than those who stay in the same place their whole lives. We’ve shared birthdays, holidays, many good times and sometimes the hard times with friends we’ve made along the way. And, I can tell you in full honesty that even though we do end up moving every few years, I’m grateful I’ve stepped out and made those connections in each town where we’ve lived. I know those friendships will continue on, no matter the distance.

We’ve made many more moves in our nearly seven years of marriage and we’ve been blessed with seeing some of the most beautiful sights in North America. CIMG_8285ountless numbers of cities and attractions that I never would have laid eyes on if it hadn’t been for my husband’s job transferring us again and again. And our locations haven’t been too shabby. From the Appalachian Mountains to the glaciers of Canada, we’ve seen lots. I’m thankful for discovering a deep love for travel, adventure, and, crazy enough, change! I’m thankful that the more you are able to explore, the more you can truly learn.

I’m thankful that I’m a lot more adaptable and flexible than I thought I was seven years ago. I’ve learned to love living in a town of 5,000, jIMG_3481ust as much as I love a town of 2.8 million. And I’ve learned that no matter what someone’s accent or upbringing is, you can always usually find common ground with someone. And I’ve had the utmost privelege of meeting so many wonderful people that I now can call my friends. It really is truly amazing.

So, Moving Moms, I would challenge you on a day like Thanksgiving to think about all the good there is in this lifestyle. To be thankful for the good times: the exploring, learning and adventure. But, also be thankful for the difficult times, because if you look back on them, I bet you learned and grew more than you could have imagined.

Happy Thanksgiving!

-by Emily Robertson

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