9 Easy tips for hosting a friendsgiving

So many of us can’t be near our actual families during Thanksgiving because of living far away, but that shouldn’t stop us from gathering friends together, being thankful and eating a ton of food! So, our advice? Try throwing a “friendsgiving” with some of your neighbors and friends! We consulted with lifestyle guru Madison Cohen, of GraceHomeLove Blog, on some quick tips to make sure your friendsgiving is a success! Check it out:

  1. Get organized and make a guest list. Once you know who you want to invite (make sure it is people you want to be there), do it! Call them up and extend the invitation! Make sure the guests know all the deets about the event. It may also be important to ask about any allergies, just so you can keep it in mind for children who may be at the event!
  2. Go for the potluck. Just because you host the event and open your home does not mean you have to do all the work! Ask everyone to bring a side, dessert or drink and share the work (and the cost) between everyone! That way you aren’t completely exhausted and broke after the shindig!
  3. You may want to use that china that you’ve had since you got married, or you may look for the easiest way to serve everyone! Either way is a great option! And if you do decide to go the paper route, there are SO many cute options like these straws!
  4. Instead of going around the table and asking what everyone is thankful for, have a jar and paper sitting near the door! Have everyone write down what they are thankful for as they arrive, then read them at the dinner table!
  5. Don’t forget some fun music to add to the party atmosphere! Songza and Spotify are both great, free apps for fun music mixes!
  6. Set up the food as an easy buffet so everyone can serve themselves and you still have plenty of room on the actual table! Also, this leaves more room for great decor and centerpieces!
  7. Speaking of centerpieces, try using items that you can find in your backyard or something that might already be at your house! Pull a branch from your backyard, grab some pine cones or use some brightly colored fall leaves!
  8. After the dinner, plan some games to get everyone interacting! We know of a lot of people who love organizing “Minute To Win It”-style games or if you are with lots of other couples, try a “Newlyweds” game! Be sure to figure out some fun, cheap prizes! We love a Drumstick Headband or Gobble Gobble Mad Libs!
  9. Don’t forget about the kids! Plan some fun crafts for them to work on after their bellies are full. We love these Oreo turkeys!

What other tips would you add? Have a great story about a fun Friendsgiving that you hosted or attended? Let us know at themovingmom@gmail.com!

-by Emily Robertson

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