Making it WORK: 4 practical tips for creating a career in a moving family

Making it WORFeatured imageK is an ongoing series about people who move with their spouse’s career and still create a way for themselves to stay involved in their own profession and interests.. We hope this series helps and, more importantly, inspires you! If you have a story you’d like to share with us, we’d love to hear from you! Email us

We know that the life of a moving family is difficult for lots of reasons. One of the things that so many people we know struggle with is how to still have a career and pursue the things you are passionate about when your spouse’s job moves your family every few years.

We were feeling this same tension about our careers as two former newspaper writers with journalism degrees. So we started this blog as a way to exercise our two passions no matter where we lived: equipping families who move with the resources and community they so desperately need and having an outlet where we could write about things we think are interesting and relevant.

We will be honest, when we first started talking about creating The Moving Mom, we were nervous. Could we do it? What would we write about? Would anyone even care? But, you know what? We gave it a try! And now, five months later, we have The Moving Mom! (And we are pretty excited about it!)

Business BoutiquThis past weekend, I had the chance to attend a conference geared toward women in businesses and boy, did I learn a lot! I have some great, practical ideas for how to make the blog and the brand, The Moving Mom, even better! But I also had the chance to be inspired by just being around tons of women who are creating business and redefining their careers on their own terms. I really felt like this is something that so many of you Moving Moms could relate to. You are the perfect group to create a business or go after your career in an unconventional way. So, here are a few practical tips we think can get you started:

  1. You will probably be scared to try something new and put yourself out in a new, different way. Do it anyway! Don’t let the possibility of something not going well stop you from at least trying.
  2. Dream big! There are so many smart Moving Moms out there that can find great ways to so something they love. Think about what your dream for a business or career would be if you didn’t have any fears or limits!
  3. Set goals for yourself! If you are interested in pursuing your career, set specific, measurable, time-sensitive goals and keep yourself accountable to them.
  4. Find the right people to partner with and learn from! The BEST thing we did before we began this blog was decide to work as partners on this project! We have become even better friends and learned so much from each other! Plus, we talked to great people who had created blogs in the past, so we could learn from their successes and failures!

-by Emily Robertson

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