Gypsy Kid Halloween Costume Ideas

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Halloween is just two days away! And if you are in need of a last minute costume idea, never fear, we’ve got you covered! And in true Moving Mom fashion, we decided to come up with the best “moving-themed” costumes for you or your little ones! We promise, you’ll definitely stand out at any costume party with these ideas (for good or bad reasons, you be the judge).Featured image

  1. Anything that can be made with moving boxes – Let’s be honest; we all have them stacked up all over the house right after a move, and even if you didn’t just move, chances are they are still stashed away all over the place. So, tell your kids they can be anything they want to be with one stipulation: as long as you can make it with a moving box. Just tell your kids the possibilities are endless: a dice, a TV, or a moving box (we’ll let you decide how much effort you wish to put into it all, and we promise, we won’t judge).
  2. Forget your favorite superhero, dress like your favorite moving truck driver – What moving kid doesn’t think a huge truck full of all your worldly possessions isn’t the most amazing thing ever? My little one could watch them unload and reload moving trucks all day. It’s like the moving kid’s version of a superhero. We guarantee, there won’t be any other similar costumes. Bonus if you can somehow construct a little mini hand truck for them to haul Featured imagearound all night. Double bonus if they ask for candy tips for moving anything on Halloween.
  3. Random sports team fanatic – If your child wants to dress up like an athlete, you may not have a favorite hometown team since you move all the time. But, if you are anything like my family, you tend to take the mentality of “when in Rome…” and you’ve collected your fair share of t-shirts, hats and windbreakers from all the various hometown teams near where you’ve lived. Sure, they aren’t all from the same team (or even the same state for that matter,) but come on, that’s sort of boring anyway. Throw all the random team paraphernalia on your child and call it good.
  4. Gypsy – Ghosts and witches are sort of overdone each year, but when is the last time you’ve seen a gypsy costume? That’s right… never. There doesn’t seem like a much better way to advertise your gypsy lifestyle than dressing your kiddo up in a flowy skirt, a bandana, and big hoop earrings. Throw in a tambourine and you are golden. And, you could go for the “gypsy mom” costume. All you need for this is a moving list as tall as your kid, a big, messy bun on the top of your head, a venti-sizedFeatured image coffee cup, absolutely no makeup and a moving box (see those things can be used for everything)!
  5. Packing peanut/Packing paper costumes – Hmm… so your kiddo needs feathers or string or some other sort of arts and crafts supplies for their Halloween costume? There is no way we would head to the store to fight all the other last-minute Halloween moms out there. How about some packing peanuts? Throw some glue down, throw the peanuts on, and from about 25 feet away, no one will be able to tell the difference. Your teenager needs poster board? Oh, no they don’t. Haul out that big stack of packing paper and a pack of markers and throw them in their direction. Boom. Free and you don’t have to put on your shoes.

So, there you go! Gypsy kid costumes will be all the rage this year! Happy Halloween, Moving Moms! Enjoy your time with your family!

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