Diary of a Mom on the Move: Road Trip Day 2 – We brake for fun

Dear Diary,

I decided to try something new with our cross-country road trip this time around and it proved to be a stroke of genius! Since the kids aren’t infants anymore, I thought we’d try taking a whole day in the middle of the journey to let them explore a bit at one of the places we’re passing through.

diary2So we woke up early at our hotel in Cambridge, Ohio and headed out for a short drive to Columbus.

Taking the advice of two dear friends who are from Ohio, we spent the entire day at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium. We walked a total of 3.5 miles and saw everything from elephants and emus to leopards and lizards. But the kids’ favorite part of the day was a small display of different species’ poop. Seriously. But what do you expect from kiddos when they are 2 and 4? Their other “exhibits” that got them excited included a chipmunk that ran across the sidewalk and a duck near the pond that ate their hot dog bun. Why did we pay admission to a zoo? Luckily, they also liked the actual zoo animals on display, too.

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By the time we were finished at the zoo, the kids could barely keep their heads up. So they took a short nap in the car while we ordered food for carryout and then went to the hotel. After a quick bite to eat, it was time to reveal to the little ones that our hotel had a small water park in it! The place is designed for little kids (older ones might be bored) and the hotel room was priced the same as others nearby so I was thrilled with this find and so were my little swimmers.

The day turned out to feel more like a vacation than a part of our move from New Jersey to Kansas City. Everyone was able to cut loose and enjoy each other for the whole day. Now all I can do is hope that the happy feelings last until tomorrow when we’re stuck in the car together again for 7 hours. Here’s hoping!

Daily lesson learned: Marketing is everything and kids are an easy sell. Turn your “long drive” into a “big adventure.” You’ll be happy, and so will they, that you did.

Emily Shedek is the co-creator of The Moving Mom. For more information on Emily and her family’s move from New Jersey to Missouri, follow this blog on Twitter @TheMovingMom or on Facebook.

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