Diary of a Mom on the Move: Moving day

Dear Diary,

It turns out that manual labor in the middle of a heat wave is not ideal. Luckily Thursday’s moving day proved to be more successful than any other we’ve experienced thus far in spite of the sweltering conditions. The planning, preparations and generosity of a friend who offered to watch our kids for a few hours, resulted in a productive day.

diary2I felt terrible for our poor movers, who had to work in temperatures that hit 96 degrees. The front door was wide open all day so they could freely haul things out to the moving truck, which meant the house didn’t offer much relief, as the air conditioning couldn’t possibly keep up.

The four guys from the moving company drank every bottle of water we had (and there were at least 15 at the beginning of the day) along with several sodas we scrounged up. I spent the day mothering them by offering liquids, cookies and cherry turnover bars in hopes of keeping them hydrated and happy.

By 6 p.m., our house was empty.

The kids were actually excited to see the house bare because it meant they could run around it without obstacles. We sat in the vacant basement blasting music and putting on a small rock concert. The kids hid around the corner while I used my best WWE announcer voice, “Ladies and gentlemen, for one night only, presenting, the SHEDEK SISTERS!” Cue music, applause (from just me, of course), squeals from the audience (still just me) and a lot of show boating by the kids as they came running out to dance and do their best gymnastics. They were having a blast and I was happy to see that no one was falling apart emotionally yet.

We made a last-minute loop around the street to say goodbye to some neighbors. One family was kind enough to take two flower plants that my daughters have been keeping in their rooms for several months. The mother said they would take good care of them and think of us when they saw them each day.

bertuccisBy nighttime, the whole family was starving, tired and parched. We took the kids to their favorite restaurant, Bertucci’s where they played with pizza dough and ate until their bellies were as stuffed as our moving truck.

By 9 p.m., our landlord was ready to do our walk through of the house and gave us his blessing to leave. We looked at the house one last time in the dark of night and said goodbye before heading to a hotel for the night. My 4-year-old cried and told us she would miss our house. “We’ll all miss it, my love,” I assured her.

Lesson of the day: When you think you have checked every closet, drawer, nook and cranny in the house for missed items, check again. We nearly left a whole load of laundry in the dryer and temporarily “misplaced” the keys to the house.

Emily Shedek is the co-creator of The Moving Mom. For more information on Emily and her family’s move from New Jersey to Missouri, follow this blog on Twitter @TheMovingMom or on Facebook.

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