The 10 Stages of a Move

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Moving can feel like an emotional roller coaster. There are highs, lows and occasionally a little vomiting. So buckle up and keep your arms and legs inside the cart as we take you through the 10 Stages of a Move.

Stage 1 – Excitement

We’re moving where? I need to Google it. Oh my gosh, they have a great mall! And I love that restaurant! The kids will go crazy for that zoo! I can’t wait! I bet our friends are all going to want to visit. I can’t wait to explore! I’m so ready to blow this popsicle stand and move onto our next adventure!

Stage 2 – Logistics

We need to start packing. Wait. We need boxes. And tape. And packing paper. What size U Haul truck do we need? When should we cancel the cable – I don’t want to miss any of the Housewives. I wonder if I can get the new cable hooked up before we arrive.

Stage 3 – Panic

There’s no way we can get this all done before we need to move! There’s too much stuff and not enough time! How can my kid have 20 baby dolls and every single one is naked? Don’t they take care of anything?

When was the last time I cleaned out the fridge? What is that sticky stuff on the bottom shelf and how the heck has it gone unnoticed until now?

Stage 4 – Procrastination

This to-do list is just ridiculous. Ugh.It’s time to tackle it.

Oooh, how should I decorate the kids’ rooms in the new house? Maybe we should get some new wall art. Honey, I need to make a quick trip to the store. I’ll be back in a little while!

Stage 5 – Take action

Dang, I guess I need to start packing all these boxes. Why do I have so many clothes? Maybe I should do some purging. No, wait. I might need these 5-inch fuchsia pumps again someday. Are they appropriate for a playdate? So cute, what a shame. Soles are untouched.

Oh good! A box that we never unpacked from the last move! Check that one off the list!

Stage 6 – Mad woman armed with a tape gun

I said DON’T TOUCH THOSE BOXES! Your toys will be at the new house when we get there but you can’t open the boxes right now! And don’t even think about moving anything in that pile over there! It’s all organized according to which room I want it in the new house.

No, Dear Husband, I don’t know where you put your wedding ring. But you better figure it out.

Only a few more boxes and then it’s all packed. I am so hangry.  I wonder if I could make a meal out of what’s left in the fridge? Salad dressing, hot fudge and soy sauce – maybe we should call for takeout.

Stage 7 – Sadness sets in

I can’t believe it’s time to leave already. I’m going to miss this place so much. That’s where my daughter took her first steps. And that’s where my son puked in the carpet when we had that terrible flu last winter. And out there is where he learned to ride his bike. It’s going to be so hard to leave tomorrow.

Stage 8 – Eager for the journey

Just a few tears but I did it! Now we’re on our way to our new home! I have everything planned from where we’ll stay to what the kids can do to occupy themselves for the next three days in the car. Snacks – check. Toys – check. Movies – check. Tablets – check. Let’s do this.

Stage 9 – Are we there yet?

Sweet merciful Lord, let me out of this car! I can’t listen to another minute of that obnoxious iPad app music! Why did I download that? Why does he love it?

Stop touching her if she doesn’t like it! Baby girl, use your words so we know what you want!

No, I didn’t bring any Oreos because they’re messy but I have animal crackers? Eat the CRACKERS!

Your belly hurts? Where’s that spare snack cup?!

Stage 10 – Arrival

This is it. This is where we live now. It’s smaller than I thought but it’s cute. Are those our new neighbors? I hope that dog doesn’t bark at night.

I wonder if this will be our favorite place to live yet.

I guess it’s time to start unpacking.

I’m hangry again. Is there any food left from the trip? Hmmm, crushed animal crackers and an applesauce pouch. Looks like take-out again.

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