Divine Secrets of the Moving Mom Sisterhood: Creating Traditions

I don’t think I understood the importance of making unique traditions for your family until the invention of Pinterest. Now I’m constantly bombarded with AMAZING things that other families do, and I feel stress that my Featured imagekids will look back on their childhood and think “What the heck was my mom up to while all these other awesome moms were cultivating these wonderful family traditions?” And I’ll kindly reply, “You want to know what I was doing? I was MOVING! And making sure you all survived the moves and trying to find the toaster in all the boxes!”

While I have reconciled the fact that our family won’t have the same sort of traditions as other families, I realized, moving gives us a great opportunity to make some fun memories. So, we at The Moving Mom decided to brainstorm some fun moving traditions that you can incorporate into your families!

When you first arrive…Featured image

  1. Toast your new home somehow – Once your finally sign the papers and get the key, celebrate finding a new place to call home! Our family does this by grabbing cupcakes for each person in our family, sitting in the middle of our empty home before the movers show up and chowing down. It’s our silly way of celebrating the start of a new chapter!
  2. Celebrate surviving move in day –  This last move, our son did so well with all the craziness with movers delivering our shipment that we decided to take him out for pizza and a carousel ride. ThFeatured imageere were tons of boxes and a messy house that we left behind for a few hours, but we survived the day and we decided to go out and enjoy time as a family.
  3. Plant something permanent – If you can, make your mark on your new home and plant a special tree that represents your family. Even after your family is long gone from the home, there will be something that signifies your time in that city and home.
  4. Figure out a way to meet the neighbors – Bake some cookies or just go knock on their doors. I know, it is sort of opposite of what you always hear about being welcomed into the neighborhood, but it pays to know and like the people who live around you! So make the first move.

Before you leave…

  1. Take a piece of the town with you – Buy something that you could only find in the place you are living. We’ve picked up all kinds of things from the places we’ve lived and someday we will hang them in a home when we eventually have a chance to settle down (and decorate!)
  2. Throw a going away bash – Yeah, leaving isn’t fun or easy, BUT… a party always makes it better! Round up all the great people you’ve had the opportunity to meet while you’ve lived in the area, invite them over and use it as an opportunity to clear out your kitchen (BONUS!)
  3. Let your kids run wild – After all the packing cleaning and stress of getting ready to move, your home will eventually be completely empty. Let the kids get out some energy and play because there is lots of room and noFeatured imagething to break. A giant game of tag or hide-and-seek is a great last memory for your kiddos to take with them to their new home.
  4. Write a letter to the next people to live in your home – Take a few moments to jot down some nice thoughts for the next people who move in. Your kids could draw pictures of their favorite memories and you could share your list of the great local restaurants and stores that you recommend. Hand it off to your rental company or real estate agent to pass along.

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Do you have any fun traditions you incorporate into your moves? Let us know! Comment below, or email us at themovingmom@gmail.com! We can’t wait to hear from you!

-by Emily Robertson

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