12 things only Moving Moms and their families understand

1. Your movers hate you because half of your furniture still has moving stickers on it from the last move.

2.  When people ask where you live, you take a sharp inhale to prepare for your lengthy monologue.  And your preschooler simply responds with a confused, blank stare.  

3. You don’t bother getting fussy with decorating because by the time you find a hammer and nail to hang something up, it is about time to put it in a box again.

4. The show “Hoarders” gives you the shakes because you can’t imagine having to move all of that stuff.

5. You show up to the new pediatrician’s office with your coveted stack of medical records spanning several states, practices and possibly continents. Consequently, the new pediatrician is already regretting taking your family on as patients.

6. Your kids think of hotels as a temporary home instead of a summer destination spot to rest their heads during a vacation. They prefer that every house you live in have a pool and catered breakfast.

7. The entire family starts to get twitchy after spending a whole year in the same place. “When are we moving again?”

8. You pitch some of your belongings just so you can downsize your U-Haul.

9. No matter how many times you move or how many wonderful things you discover, there will always be something you miss from “back home.”

10. You tell time based on where you were living when an event occurred. Ex. “We were living in Tennessee when we bought that table so it must be five years old already.” Or “I haven’t bought any of those chips since we moved here so that bag must be at least a year old.”

11. You begin the kitchen purge once you find out about an upcoming move and you REFUSE to grocery shop again! Let’s see… Who wants pickles and tartar sauce for dinner?

12. The local grocery clerk quizzes you about the eclectic pile of reusable bags you lug around. “Where is Sobeys? What is a Hy-Vee? I’ve never heard of Shoprite or Albertsons . Is there a Piggle Wiggly around here?”

-By Emily Shedek

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  1. Mandy says:

    Yup – every time we moved, friends and family would come “shopping” in our fridge and freezer. Last time I had JUST bought 1/4 organic beef! Go figure.

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