Let’s get reading: Children’s books about moving

If your children are young enough, it can be difficult to grasp the concept of a move prior to it actually happening. One great way to begin to explain a relocation to younger children is through a great book. Here are a few books that we really like:

Big Dan’s Moving Van by Leslie McGuire


In this book, Big Dan is really a truck driver/move coordinator extraordinaire. A reader gets to follow along as Big Dan plans a move for a family, drives his truck to their house, carefully packs up their goods in paper and boxes, drives his loaded truck across country and unpacks the family in their new house. It gives lots of details about the moving process and really does a great job explaining each step for a person of any age. The book has great illustrations that will help explain confusing aspects of a move, such as a family car being loaded into a moving truck.

Emma’s Friendwich (I See I Learn) by Stuart J. Murphy


This story opens with the main character, Emma, in her new house after a recent move. It focuses on the positive side of moving detailing all the things that Emma loves about her new place, but points out that Emma doesn’t have any friends near her new home. Emma quickly finds children her own age and works throughout the story to become friends. This book does a great job of focusing on key words associated with friendship, such as smile, help and share. It illustrates each key word in simple, easy to understand pictures.

I Like Where I Am by Jessica Harper


This book is great at addressing the reservations a child might have about an upcoming move. The little boy in the book talks about all the things he loves about his current home and how he really doesn’t want to move. No matter what though, the movers come and his family moves to Little Rock and the little boy ends up really loving his new home. One of the sweetest things about this book is how the boy talks about sweet memories of his first home and how he will always remember where he was born.

Moving House Sticker Book (First Experiences Sticker Books) by Anna Civardi

moving house

This book helps give children a frame of reference regarding the moving process. It’s great because it has illustrations to help them understand about packing and moving. The children in the story are excited about their move and get brand new rooms and friends when they arrive in their new house. It gives kids an opportunity to ask questions about parts of the process before experiencing them so they won’t have to be uncertain or surprised about them. One version of the book comes with stickers for the child to place throughout the story. It also uses images for some words in the story to keep children involved and engaged.

If you have any suggestions on books about moving that we should review, please email us at themovingmom@gmail.com.

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