Finding out about the move

After four moves with my husband, I pretty much know the drill….

He comes home from work, walks in the door, and starts to chat about how my day went. I’m either busy feeding a child or cleaning something, (or possibly catching up on “Dancing with the Stars”…) and then he slyly drops the bomb.

“So… today I found out we are moving to (insert any number of cities, small towns or Canadian provinces,)” he says, looking over at me with a huge, nervous grin.

Now, at this point, I have a couple of choices. I can either be a supportive, excited wife who nuzzles her head into my husband’s shoulder and begins to daydream about the exciting possibilities our new hometown will bring, or I can melt into a crying, blithering puddle of emotions and run around like the sky is literally falling. Let’s be honest. I’ve done both, sometimes simultaneously.

But seriously, each time I find out about a move there are certain things that I always do:

  1. Research, research, research – I jump on the computer and search anything that has to do with our new town and anything within a 300-mile radius. Usually it pulls me out of the funk that finding out about the move put me in, and starts to get me excited. There are always new sites to see, new things to experience and new people to meet. Plus, I start to see what kind of houses might be available for us.
  2. Family Meeting – If you have kiddos, it is important to let them in on the news. Depending on how old your children are, it will determine how and when you tell them. It will be harder to keep older children in the dark, and honestly, they probably deserve to know almost right away. It can be hard to think about changing schools, leaving friends and starting all over, so they may need some time to go through the emotional steps about a moving process (heck, don’t we all?) Ours are still a bit small for much information, but we make sure we talk about our new location a lot. For our last move, our two-year-old would always smile big and proudly say “we are moving to ‘tucky!”
  3. Tell “your people” – When we find out about a move, we usually grab our phones and call up our parents to let them know. They are so excited to hear our news and then they get excited about visiting us in a new city. As my mom always says, “Your adventure is our adventure too!” Whoever “your people” are, you know those closest and most supportive of you and your move (no matter how they feel down deep inside), let them know! We find our close friends are always so excited to hear about our new adventure.
  4. Make a list – There is going to be a lot that needs to get done before your move. Early on, you and your partner should sit down and start to compile a list of all the tasks that need to get done. It can get pretty extensive from getting files from doctor’s offices, to cleaning out the attic. I’ve learned that a list helps things get done and leaves less to forget. If you have little ones, include them in on the list making. Try using a big white board of simple to-dos for them to help accomplish for the big move. It will give them something to work towards, and you, possibly a little less work!
  5. Hug each other – It is a simple thought, but these weeks before a move are going to be uncomfortable, tiring, stressful and downright weird. Be sure you and your spouse stay on the same page and show a lot of love to each other and your children. You may not always want to, but as Moving can bring a family together in a new way, or it can cause some big, old stressful fights. Try to make the best out of a tough situation and make sure you can look back on your move with fun pictures and good memories!

Now, get to it! Before you know it, you’ll be unpacking boxes in your new place and headed out to get lost on the way to the grocery store!

-By Emily Robertson

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